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The Go-Ahead Group is a multi-modal passenger transport operator founded in 1987. Formerly a small bus operator in north-east England, the Go Ahead Group has since expanded and diversified into rail services, providing more than a billion journeys each year in the United Kingdom. It now operates over 4,600 buses with a strong presence in London, boasts a large market share in UK’s rail industry, and employs more than 26,000 people in the UK altogether.

The company entered the Singapore bus scene when it bedded for and won the Loyang Bus Package. The route package originally comprised of 25 bus routes based out of the new Loyang Bus Depot. This was the second contract awarded by LTA as part of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM), which will introduce a competitive scene of bus operators bidding for various route packages and a share of the market.

In September 2016, Go-Ahead Singapore (GAS) took over operations of 24 existing bus services from SBS Transit in two tranches. Spaced two weeks apart, the two tranches allowed Go-Ahead Singapore progressive control over Punggol Bus Interchange, followed by Pasir Ris Bus Interchange

Go-Ahead Singapore is also the first bus company in Singapore to conduct an all-electric bus trial, using the BYD K9.


  • 23 Nov 2015: Loyang Bus Package awarded to Go-Ahead Singapore (GAS)
  • 11 Dec 2015: Loyang Bus Depot handed over to GAS for outfitting works (Article)
  • 19 Jun 2016: Loyang Bus Depot open house cum official opening (Article)
  • 04 Sep 2016: Took over operations of 13 bus services originating from Punggol Bus Interchange. (Article)
  • 18 Sep 2016: Took over operations of 11 bus services originating from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange, and Service 2 and 36 from Changi Village and Changi Airport (Article)
  • 13 Mar 2017: Starts trial of BYD Electric Bus (Article)

Company initiatives and incidents

Before the opening of Loyang Bus Depot, Go-Ahead Singapore brought in a New Bus for London as part of a promotional tour to accompany LTA’s Our Bus Journey Carnival. Unable to be statically displayed at the Carnival, the bus resorted to running publicity routes outside the Carnival locations (around Vivocity and Toa Payoh) over two weekends. For more information, see Go-Ahead Group New Bus for London visits Singapore.

On 19 June 2016, Go-Ahead Singapore organised an open house cum official opening (Go-Ahead Singapore Bus Carnival) at Loyang Bus Depot.

Two weeks after commencing operations in September 2016, a shortage of drivers resulted in Go-Ahead having to borrow Bus Captains from SBS Transit and SMRT for 2-3 months. Its Employee Shuttle bus routes were also operated by Tower Transit for a one-month period.


The company also operates a BYD K9 Electric Bus as part of a six-month trial initiated by the LTA, ending in April 2017.

Bus Services & Fleet

Go-Ahead Singapore operates 26 bus routes based out of Pasir Ris and Punggol Bus Interchanges. All buses are based at Loyang Bus Depot.

The company operates the following bus models leased from the LTA:

In addition, it operates a BYD K9 Electric Bus as part of a six-month trial initiated by the LTA.


Bus Services

Go-Ahead Singapore 25 bus routes as part of the Loyang Bus Package. An additional bus service, Service 381 was added to the Loyang Bus Package in March 2017. This brings the total number to 26 bus routes. The last Bus Service 68 between Pasir Ris and Tampines will commence in 2017.

Service Destination 1 Destination 2 Type Description
2 Changi Village New Bridge Road Trunk  
3 Tampines Punggol Trunk  
6 Pasir Ris ↺ Loyang Way Trunk  
12 Pasir Ris New Bridge Road Trunk  
15 Pasir Ris ↺ Marine Parade Trunk  
17 Pasir Ris ↺ Bedok Trunk  
17A Bedok ↺ Bedok North Drive Trunk BSEP Supplementary
34 Punggol ↺ Changi Airport Trunk  
36 Changi Airport ↺ Tomlinson Road Trunk  
43 Punggol Upper East Coast Trunk  
43M Punggol ↺ Serangoon Trunk BSEP Supplementary
62 Punggol ↺ Sims Ave Trunk  
68 Pasir Ris ↺ Tampines Trunk Future Service
82 Punggol ↺ Serangoon Central Trunk  
83 Punggol ↺ Sengkang Trunk  
84 Punggol ↺ Punggol Rd (End) Trunk  
85 Punggol Yishun Trunk  
118 Punggol Changi Business Park Trunk BSEP
119 Punggol ↺ Hougang St 21 Trunk  
136 Punggol Ang Mo Kio Trunk  
354 Pasir Ris ↺ Jln Loyang Besar Feeder  
358 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris Dr 4 / 10 TownLink  
359 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris St 11 / 71 TownLink  
381 Punggol ↺ Punggol East Feeder BSEP, introduced Mar 2017
382G/W Punggol ↺ Sumang Walk Feeder BSEP
386 Punggol ↺ Punggol East Feeder BSEP
403 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris Rd Feeder  
518 Pasir Ris ↺ Bayfront Ave Express  

Services 17A and 43M are considered as supplementary services of their parent service and do not add to the overall service count. 382G and 382W are considered as one bi-directional service.

Bus Models

More photos of Go-Ahead Singapore buses at our Go-Ahead Singapore Bus Gallery.


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