SMRT Buses

SMRT Corporation is a multi-modal public transport operator in Singapore, founded in March 2000. It runs bus, rail, taxi and other public transport services via several wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Of most relevance to the public transport scene, its subsidiaries SMRT TrainsSMRT Buses and SMRT Taxis independently compete in the rail, bus and taxi industries respectively. Additionally, its Bus-Plus subsidiary operates premium bus services and shuttle bus routes in addition to offering vehicles for charter.

SMRT is an acronym for Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, reflecting its origins as a rail operator before diversifying into other lines of business. Currently, the Company also leases commercial spaces within the transport network it operates (SMRT Properties), offers advertising space at its stations and onboard its operating assets (SMRT Media), and offers maintenance services and management/engineering consultancy locally and abroad (other divisions).

SMRT Trains Limited

The rail industry was SMRT’s first transport venture. Formally set up as the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) to oversee MRT operations, it was established on 14 October 1983, four years before the first trains would roll out on revenue service. It was later renamed Singapore MRT Limited, and subsequently SMRT Trains Limited in 2004, reflecting the company’s multi-modal business model.

On 7 November 1987, MRTC started services between Yio Chu Kang and Toa Payoh on the North South Line, the first section of Singapore’s MRT network. The company continued operating the North South and East West Lines as they expanded, and took over the Circle Line which opened in 2009. It now manages the majority of MRT services in Singapore, except the North East Line and Downtown Line. The SMRT Light Rail division operates and maintains the Bukit Panjang LRT.

SMRT trains are mainly painted all-black with a single red stripe running the length of the train, with the exception of C651 trains in their old white base livery, and C801 LRT cars in a turquoise base livery. Newer rolling stock such as the C151B and C801A trains (and C801A LRT cars) use SMRT’s new pixel livery, consisting of red, yellow and black pixels on a white background.

Operating Assets (Depots, Train Models)

SMRT Buses Limited

SMRT Buses was formerly known as Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS), which was incorporated 31 May 1982 as a public bus operator to compete with Singapore Bus Services (now SBS Transit), following liberalisation of the public transportation market. As a result, both companies established a duopoly with separate areas of control and little competition. The company also acquired acquired Singapore Shuttle Bus Pte. Ltd. on 12 March 1987, hence taking over its City Shuttle Service routes .

TIBS was eventually acquired by SMRT for $194 million in 2001, and the bus division renamed SMRT Buses. The merger was complete by 2004, and continued to enjoy a duopoly until the Government Contracting Model was introduced.

Operating Assets (Depots, Bus Models)