SMRT Bus Service 67

SMRT Bus Service 67 is a trunk route linking Choa Chu Kang and Tampines via Bukit Panjang, Upper Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah, Little India, Kallang, Sims Avenue and Bedok North. Much of the route duplicates the East-West Line and the upcoming Downtown Line.


Route Details (Click to expand)
Bus Service 67: Choa Chu Kang ↔ Tampines
Direction 1
Towards Tampines
Direction 2
Towards Choa Chu Kang
  • Choa Chu Kang Loop
    – Choa Chu Kang Int  NS4  BP1 
  • Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 (Express)
  • Choa Chu Kang Way
    – Blk 352
    – Blk 224  BP2 
    – Blk 239  BP3 
    – Blk 113
  • Choa Chu Kang Rd
    – Blk 26  BP4 
    – Phoenix Stn  BP5 
  • Upp Bt Timah Rd
    – Bt Panjang Stn Exit A/LRT  BP6  DT1 
    – The Linear
    – Bef Hazel Pk Terr
    – Cashew Stn  DT2 
    – Assumption Pathway Sch
    – Aft Assumption Eng Sch
    – Hillview Stn Exit A  DT3 
    – The Rail Mall
    – Opp Hume Pk Condo
    – Opp The Hillside
    – Aft Bt Timah Fire Stn
    – Southaven II
  • Jln Anak Bt
    – Opp Beauty World Ctr  DT5 
    – Opp Bt Timah Plaza
  • Dunearn Rd
    – Opp King Albert Pk Stn  DT6 
    – Hua Guan Gdn
    – Opp The Nexus
    – Aft Swiss Club Rd
    – Opp Sixth Ave Stn  DT7 
    – Aft Jln Naga Sari
    – Natl JC
    – Opp Tan Kah Kee Stn  DT8 
    – Opp Coronation Plaza
    – Opp Botanic Gdns Stn  DT9  CC19 
    – Aft Kheam Hock Rd
    – Aft Dunkirk Ave
    – Opp Stevens Stn  DT10 
    – Chinese Intl Sch
    – Bef Goldhill Ave
    – Anglo-Chinese Sch
    – Chancery Ct
    – Opp Newton Stn Exit C  DT11  NS21 
  • Bt Timah Rd
    – Opp Newton FC
    – Aft Makepeace Rd
    – KK Women & Child Hosp
    – Little India Stn  DT12  NE7 
  • Serangoon Rd
    – Tekka Ctr
    – Broadway Hotel
    – Sri Srinivasa Perumal Tp  NE8 
  • Lavender St
    – Aft Kempas Rd
    – Opp Arc 380
    – Aft Kallang Bahru
    – Bef Kallang Rd
  • Kallang Rd
    – Aft Padang Jeringau
  • Sims Ave
    – Kallang Stn  EW10 
    – Aft Lor 1 Geylang
    – Yi Xiu Fty Bdlg
    – Bef Lor 23 Geylang
    – Aft Aljunied Stn  EW9 
    – Blk 134
    – Sims Ville
    – Aft Tg Katong Cplx  EW8   CC9 
    – Blk 416
    – Eunos Stn/Int  EW7 
  • Sims Ave East
    – Casa Sarina
    – Opp Hong San Si Tp
    – Kembangan Stn  EW6 
    – Opp Perpetual Succour Ch
  • New Upp Changi Rd
    – Chai Chee Ind Pk
    – Blk 32
    – Bedok Stn Exit B  EW5 
    – Blk 221A
  • Bedok North Ave 3
    – Blk 220 CP
    – Blk 403
    – Blk 506
    – Bedok Resvr Stn Exit A  DT30 
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd
    – Opp The Clearwater Condo
    – Opp Bedok Reform Trg Ctr
  • Tampines Ave 1
    – Tampines West Stn Exit B  DT31 
  • Tampines Ave 5
    – Blk 938
    – Our Tampines Hub
  • Tampines Central 2 (Express)
  • Tampines Central 1
    – Tampines Int  EW2  DT32
  • Tampines Central 1
    – Tampines Int  EW2  DT32 
  • Tampines Central 2 (Express)
  • Tampines Ave 5
    – Opp Our Tampines Hub
    – Blk 147
  • Tampines Ave 1
    – Bef Tampines West Stn  DT31 
  • Bedok Reservoir Rd
    – Bedok Reform Trg Ctr
    – The Clearwater Condo
  • Bedok North Ave 3
    – Bedok Resvr Stn Exit B  DT30 
    – Blk 109
    – Bet Blks 139/140
    – Opp Blk 220 CP
  • New Upp Changi Rd
    – Blk 27
    – Bedok Stn Exit A  EW5 
    – Opp Blk 32
    – Opp Chai Chee Ind Pk
  • Changi Rd
    – Aft Perpetual Succour Ch
    – Bef Siglap Plain
    – Mjd Kassim  EW6 
    – Bef Lor 110 Changi
    – Aft Kg Eunos
    – Aft Lor 106 Changi  EW7 
    – Joo Chiat Cplx
  • Geylang Rd
    – Blk 14 Mkt/FC
    – City Plaza
    – Opp Lor 39 Geylang
    – Aft Lor 34 Geylang
    – Aft Lor 28 Geylang
    – Bef Lor 18 Geylang
    – Opp Mohd Salleh Mque
    – Aft Sims Way
    – Opp Lor 1 Geylang Ter  EW10 
  • Kallang Rd
    – Bef Kg Bugis
  • Lavender St
    – Aft Kallang Rd
    – Bef Kallang Bahru
    – Arc 380
  • Jln Besar
    – Hoa Nam Bldg
    – Aft Allenby Rd
    – Opp Veerasamy Rd
  • Rochor Canal Rd
    – Rochor Stn  DT13 
  • Bt Timah Rd
    – Little India Stn Exit A DT12  NE7 
    – Opp KK Women & Child Hosp
    – Bef Winstedt Rd
    – Newton FC
    – Newton Stn Exit C  DT11  NS21 
    – Balmoral Plaza
    – City Twrs
    – Leng Kwang Baptist Ch
    – Stevens Stn  DT10 
    – Bef Lewis Rd
    – NUS Bt Timah Campus
    – Botanic Gdns Stn  DT9  CC19 
    – Bef Crown Ctr
    – Coronation Plaza
    – Tan Kah Kee Stn  DT8 
    – Chinese High Sch
    – Opp Natl JC
    – Sixth Ave Stn  DT7 
    – Sixth Ave Ctr
    – Aft Maple Ave
    – The Tessarina
    – The Nexus
    – King Albert Pk Stn  DT6 
    – King Albert Pk
  • Upp Bt Timah Rd
    – Pei Hwa Presby Pr Sch
    – Beauty World Stn Exit B  DT5 
    – Woh Hup Bldg
    – Bt Regency
    – Aft Old Jurong Rd
    – Hume Pk Condo
    – Opp The Rail Mall
    – Hillview Stn  DT3 
    – Opp Dairy Farm Rd
    – Opp Assumption Eng Sch
    – Bef Cashew Stn  DT2 
    – Min of Defence
    – Opp The Linear
    – Bt Panjang Stn Exit B  BP6  DT1 
  • Choa Chu Kang Rd
    – Opp Phoenix Stn  BP5 
    – Opp Blk 26  BP4 
  • Choa Chu Kang Way
    – Opp Blk 113
    – Opp Blks 237/239  BP3 
    – Blk 277  BP2 
    – Blk 414
  • Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 (Express)
  • Choa Chu Kang Loop
    – Choa Chu Kang Int  NS4  BP1 
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange ↔ Tampines Bus Interchange 
Passes Through Upper Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah, Little India, Kallang, Paya Lebar, Bedok, Bedok North
Route Length 32.8km (D1) | 33.0km (D2)
Travelling Time 150 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Choa Chu Kang – Bukit Panjang Bus Package
Current Operator SMRT Buses Ltd
Current Depot Loyang Bus Depot (LYDEP)
Kranji Bus Depot (KJDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Bus:
Alexander Dennis Enviro500
– MAN A95
18-metre Articulated Bus:
– Mercedes-Benz O405G

12-metre Single Deck Bus:
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE
Departure Times from Choa Chu Kang
0530 – 2300 (Daily)
Departure Times from Tampines
0530 – 2330 (Daily)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
0630-0830: 05 – 08 mins
0831-1659: 05 – 12 mins
1700-1900: 07 – 11 mins
After 1900: 10 – 14 mins
0630-0830: 07 – 10 mins
0831-1659: 06 – 12 mins
1700-1900: 06 – 13 mins
After 1900: 09 – 13 mins

Route History

Service 67 is a long trunk route spanning East to West, plying between Choa Chu Kang and Tampines. Its major areas of service are along Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Road and Sims Way / Geylang Road. It also provides connection from Little India and Geylang to outlying estates, making it an popular connecting route for commuters heading to Little India. It is also the fastest bus connection between Tampines and Bedok MRT stations.

From Choa Chu Kang, the route duplicates the Bukit Panjang LRT to Bukit Panjang, then plying the full stretch of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Bukit Timah Road to Little India. It continues from Lavender Street to Kallang, duplicating the East-West Line to Bedok, then heading to Tampines via Bedok North and Reservoir. Much of its route (from Bukit Panjang to Little India) will duplicate the Downtown Line Stage 2. Many other bus services also share its Upper Bukit Timah Road and Sims Avenue/Geylang Road sectors.

On weekends, demand between Little India and Geylang is very high due to migrant workers commuting between their dormitories and Little India, and mid-route departures (“downroutes”) from Little India towards Tampines are common. On Sundays & Public Holidays, two additional departures at 2355hrs and 0010hrs (the next day) from Little India towards Tampines cater to late-night dwellers after the last bus from Choa Chu Kang has departed.

With low branches along Bt Timah Rd pruned by NEA in January 2015, the single-deck fleet restriction was removed, hence allowing double-deck buses to be deployed. High capacity Double deck buses were deployed on a regular basis since February 2015.

Bus Service 67 may experience occasional traffic delays along Bedok Reservoir Road, Bukit Timah Road, Dunearn Road, Jalan Besar and Serangoon Road, particularly during both morning and evening peak periods.

Special Departures:

  • Sims Avenue (Aft Tanjong Katong Cplx)  Tampines Int
    Weekdays & Sat: 0545hrs onwards
    Sundays/PHs: 0600hrs onwards + weekend evenings
  • Bukit Timah Road (Little India Stn)  Tampines Int
    Sundays/PHs: Evenings, 2355, 0010 (the next day)
    Also frequently deployed on weekend nights
  • Sims Avenue (Aft Sims Way)  → Choa Chu Kang Int
    Daily: 0545hrs
  • Upp Bukit Timah Road (Pei Hwa Presby Pr Sch)  Choa Chu Kang Int
    Weekdays: 0615hrs onwards
  • Choa Chu Kang Road (Opp Blk 26)  Choa Chu Kang Int
    Daily: 0600hrs onwards

Shortworking Trips:

  • Service 67A:
    Choa Chu Kang Int → Dunearn Rd (Opp Coronation Plaza)
    Operates during weekdays AM peak except school holidays
  • Service 67W:
    Choa Chu Kang Int →  Bt Timah Rd (Little India Stn)
    and Tampines Int → Bt Timah Rd (Little India Stn Exit A)
    Operates from 1515hrs to 1830hrs on Sundays & Public Holidays

Service 67A helps relieve the morning student crowd heading for the many educational institutions along Bukit Timah Road, while 67W relieves high demand in the direction of Little India during the afternoons and evenings of weekends.

Fare: Charges basic fares. See Bus Fares. Calculate your bus fare using LTA’s fare calculator on here.

MRT Stations Served:

LRT Stations Served:


Route Video:

Operator History:

  • 1991 – 1999: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 1999 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2023 under the Choa Chu Kang – Bukit Panjang Bus Package.


  • 1991 (26 May): Introduced by SBS between Tampines Int and Choa Chu Kang Int, with express sector between Tampines Ave 5 and Jln Kolam Ayer
  • 1993: Merged with service 4, amended to ply Tampines Ave 5 & 1, Bedok North Ave 3, New Upper Changi Road, Changi Road and Lavender St.
  • 1999 (26 Dec): Handed to Trans-Island Bus Service (TIBS)
  • 2013: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)
  • 2015 (15 Feb): Alexander Dennis Double Decker Buses deployed.
  • 2015 (11 Oct): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)

Past Routings:

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