Changi Business Park Bus Terminal

Changi Business Park Bus Terminal is a bus terminal along Changi South Avenue 1, near the SUTD campus at Upper Changi. The terminal was opened on 20 December 2015, housing 2 new BSEP bus services.

^ Changi Business Park Bus Terminal: Boarding Concourse


Name Changi Business Park Bus Terminal  |  樟宜商业园巴士终站
Address 77A Changi South Avenue 1, Singapore 486001
BCM Route Package Loyang Bus Package & Tampines Bus Package
Anchor Operator(s) SBS Transit & Go-Ahead
Bus Routes 1 (SBS Transit), 1 (Go-Ahead)
Berths 12 end-on berths for alighting/boarding
Rail Connection Not Applicable


To support additional buses and services as part of the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) intended to build a new bus terminal near Changi Business Park, off Changi South Avenue 1. Contract RD283 for the construction of the terminal was awarded to Yew Ann Construction Pte Ltd for the amount of S$5,745,875.00. Originally scheduled for completion in Q2 2015, the project completion date was delayed to Q4 2015.

Located along Changi South Avenue 1, near the SUTD campus and intersection with Changi Buisness Park Central 2, the terminal has end-on parking berths for 12 buses, which can accommodate about 4 bus services. A bus operator office, ticket office, canteen, driver rest room, nursing room and toilets are also incorporated. A combined vehicular entrance and exit leads to Changi South Avenue 1 via a traffic junction.

When completed, the bus terminal was handed over to SBS Transit Ltd for outfitting and preparatory works. It commenced operations on 20 December 2015, when Service 47 and Service 118 were launched under the BSEP.

As of 2016, the terminal remained lacking in basic furnishings. The SBS Transit office, previously staffed, is now empty, with notices directing commuters to call other bus interchanges for assistance.


Lack of Facilities

When the terminal was opened on 20 December 2015, there were obvious signs that the terminal was not fully completed and lacked basic furnishings. Where proper signs were supposed to be, there were only standing sign holders and other temporary signages made of A4 paper and sticky tape. Service information boards, a staple of all bus stops and bus interchanges, were not present at the new terminal.

There were no permanent queuing berths for commuters to wait for their bus. Instead, portable barriers and signposts was used as makeshift queue markers and bus service signages.

The lack of a next-bus departure timing screen prompted the SBS Transit staff at the Terminal to manually write and update the next few departure timings for Services 47 and 118 on a small blackboard displayed at the Passenger Service counter, to their credit. As there was no canteen for bus captains at the terminal, SBS Transit office staff had to help purchase bus captains’ meals from elsewhere. The NTWU canteen has since been open as of Jun 2016.


Bus Services:

Boarding Berth Parking Berth Service Destination Notes
A1 – A3
B1 A4 – A6 47 ↺ Amber Road BSEP Service
B2 A7 – A9 118 Punggol BSEP Service
A10 – A12  —



Boarding Concourse

Boarding queues

Terminal Concourse

Terminal Concourse

Terminal Concourse

Ticket Office

Two passenger service counters

Motorcycle parking and Roof access

Bus Park

Wide islands for wheelchair boarding Service 47 and 118 departing from Changi Business Park Terminal.


Gallery (Pre-Opening):

^ CBP Bus Terminal under construction in late September 2015

Rear view

View from Changi South Ave 1

End-on berths

Interchange concourse

The completed terminal

Completed end-on berths


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