Gali Batu Depot

Gali Batu Depot
Depot entrance
Location 350 Woodlands Road, Singapore 677730
Operator SBS Transit
Type At-grade
Rolling stock C951
Opened 2015

Gali Batu MRT Depot is an at-grade MRT train depot serving the Downtown Line (DTL).

The depot is built in Gali Batu just off Woodlands Road, covering an area of 250,000 square metres, and is bordered by Gali Batu Close, Woodlands Road and Jalan Gali Batu. During construction, some 1,957 graves were exhumed from part of the Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery to make way for the depot.

Accessed from Gali Batu Close (with minor entrances/exits at Jalan Gali Batu and Woodlands Road), the depot contains a seven-storey office building housing the Downtown Line Operations Control Centre along with administrative and support offices. It also contains a large maintenance facility and sheltered stabling area for trains, an electrical substation, and ancillary facilities such as a train wash, paint shop, locomotive workshop, and an automatic storage and retrieval system similar to that installed in Kim Chuan Depot.

Gali Batu Depot is situated north of Bukit Panjang station, the Downtown Line’s western terminus, with a total of 2 reception tracks heading southbound towards Bukit Panjang station. Interestingly, trains pass over a facing crossover between the mainline and the depot reception tracks, indicating possible provisions for a future line extension, if any.

Contract C911 for the initial construction of Gali Batu Depot was awarded to a joint venture comprising of GS Engineering and Construction Corp. of South Korea and Hock Lian Seng Infrastructure Ltd of Singapore, at a contract sum of S$410 million in March 2009.

Expansion Plans

Initially designed for the stabling of 42 trains, Gali Batu Depot would be expanded to stable 81 trains by 2019, with work commencing in early 2015. The expansion would also be built with Contract C9061 was awarded to Hock Lian Seng Infrastructure Ltd in January 2015 at a contract sum of $137.4 million.

The contract also includes the construction of Gali Batu Bus Terminal, built on top of the train stabling area and connected to Woodlands Road via a pedestrian linkbridge. The terminal will likely be included with the Choa Chu Kang-Bukit Panjang Bus Package in the future.

Bus depot

The future multi-storey Gali Batu Bus Depot is expected to be built east of the combined stabling area and bus terminal. Construction work on the depot has yet to begin.

When complete, the depot will likely be allocated to theChoa Chu Kang-Bukit Panjang Bus Package in the future.

Rolling stock:

Gali Batu Depot maintains C951 trains operating on the Downtown Line.


Satellite view
Satellite view

Gallery (Construction):

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