GrabShuttle G73/G73B: Tampines / Bedok Reservoir to Depot Close

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GrabShuttle G73 is a bus pooling service provided by GrabShuttle from Tampines / Bedok Reservoir to Depot Close (Hewlett Packard Enterprise). Operating with 2 forward trips on weekday mornings (except public holidays), seats are required to be booked via the GrabShuttle app or Beeline app.

GrabShuttle G73B operates the second forward trip as a route variant to GrabShuttle G73 at a later timing and ends at Depot Road.

This route caters to workers at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and neighbouring industrial buildings. It offers them a direct route from Tampines / Bedok Reservoir to work.

A return trip is offered in the evening as GrabShuttle G74, from Depot Close (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) to Bedok Reservoir / Tampines.


 GrabShuttle G73/G73B: Tampines / Bedok Reservoir → Depot Close (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  Boarding Points  Alighting Points
Bus Stop Time
Bus Stop
0720 0740 Blk 496F (Bus Stop ID: 76369)
Tampines Ave 9
0843 0855 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Drop off point), Depot Close
0725 Opp Blk 489A (Bus Stop ID: 76269)
Tampines St 45
0857 Blk 118 (Bus Stop ID: 14199)
Depot Rd
0728 0746 East Spring Sec Sch (Bus Stop ID: 76469)
Tampines St 34
0730 0748 Blk 331 (Bus Stop ID: 76429)
Tampines St 32
0734 Blk 230E (Bus Stop ID: 76219)
Tampines Ave 7
0752 Blk 449 (Bus Stop ID: 76211)
Tampines Ave 7
0740 0757 Opp Century Sq (Bus Stop ID: 76139)
Tampines Ave 4
0744 Darul Ghufran Mque (Bus Stop ID: 75129)
Tampines Ave 5
0746 Blk 867A (Bus Stop ID: 75149)
Tampines Ave 5
0809 Opp Tropica Condo (Bus Stop ID: 75251)
Tampines Ave 1
0810 Opp Temasek Poly (Bus Stop ID: 75231)
Tampines Ave 1
0755 0811 Opp Temasek Poly East G (Bus Stop ID: 75221)
Tampines Ave 1
0758 0814 The Clearwater Condo (10m Aft Bus Stop ID:75349, Lamp Post No.20)
Bedok Reservoir Rd
0801 0817 Blk 716 (Bus Stop ID: 84629)
Bedok Reservoir Rd
0823 Christ Ch (Bus Stop ID: 84501)
Bedok Reservoir Rd
0814 0827 Opp Blk 646 (Bus Stop ID: 72029)
Bedok Reservoir Rd

Fare: $5.00. Prior booking is required via the GrabShuttle / Beeline app. Once booked, commuters are guaranteed a seat on the bus.

Booking a Seat 

GrabShuttle Booking Guide

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