GrabShuttle G97: Yishun to Tuas Naval Base

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GrabShuttle G97 is a bus pooling service provided by GrabShuttle from Yishun to Tuas Naval Base. Operating with 1 forward trip on weekday mornings (except public holidays), seats are required to be booked via the GrabShuttle app or Beeline app. 

This route caters to Tuas Naval Base Staff with a direct connection from Yishun in the morning.

Route G97 at a glance. Map Image:
Route G97 at a glance. Map Image:


    GrabShuttle G97: Yishun → Tuas Naval Base
  Boarding Points Alighting Points
Time Bus Stop  Time Bus Stop 
0555 Blk 776 (Bus Stop ID: 59339)
Yishun Ave 3
0700 Tuas Naval Base (Drop Off Point)
Pioneer Sector 2
0557 Yishun JC (Bus Stop ID: 59319)
Yishun Ring Rd
0558 Jiemin Pr Sch (Bus Stop ID: 59309)
Yishun Ring Rd
0600 Blk 145 (Bus Stop ID: 59149)
Yishun Ave 5
0602 Blk 154 (10m Aft Bus Stop ID: 59091)
Yishun Ave 2
0604 Blk 291 (Bus Stop ID: 59239)
Yishun Ring Rd
0607 Blk 245 (Bus Stop ID: 59189)
Yishun Ave 9
0611 Evangel Family Ch (10m Aft Bus Stop ID: 59409)
Yishun Ring Rd
0613 Bet Blks 445/449 (Bus Stop ID: 59639)
Yishun Ring Rd
0619 Opp Khatib Stn (10m Bef Bus Stop ID: 59049)
Yishun Ave 2

Fare: $3.00. Prior booking is required via the GrabShuttle / Beeline app. Once booked, commuters are guaranteed seats on the bus.

Booking a Seat 

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