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ofo Pass is a paid subscription plan to station-free bike-sharing service ofo. Launched in Singapore on 5 February 2018, ofo Pass provides users with unlimited rides on its yellow bicycles without any deposit required.

Station-free, dockless bicycle-sharing is a convenient form of transport for short distances and first-mile, last-mile travel. As the largest bike-sharing service, ofo has 10 million bikes in more than 250 cities.

Available Plans

ofo currently offers 3 different plans of varying duration. As part of its launch sale, ofo is offering discounted prices on its plans.

  • 7 days – $0.50 (U.P. $2)
  • 60 days – $1.50 (U.P. $8)
  • 90 days – $4 (U.P. $25)

Passes are valid for unlimited rides up to 60 minutes each, and additional fees apply after 60 minutes.

In addition, users can purchase multiple passes and accumulate up to 180 days.

Comparison Table

Plan Full Price Price per Day
7 days $0.50 7.1 cents
60 days $1.50 2.5 cents
90 days $4 4.4 cents

How to Purchase

Open the ofo application and tap on the profile icon located on the top left corner to display the menu. Under ‘My Wallet’, tap on the ofo Pass image or Purchase button.

Upon selecting the ofo Pass subscription plan of your choice, users can complete their purchase by paying by Debit / Credit Cards.


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