Volvo B7RLE

Volvo B7RLE
 8030_70M (1)
Other names B7R
Manufacturer Volvo Buses
Bodywork Soon Chow
Year 2007
Local Operators SBS Transit
Technical Data
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Entry Low Entry
Engine Volvo D7E290 EC06
Gearbox ZF 6HP 554N
Emission Standard Euro IV (SCR)

The Volvo B7RLE is a low-entry single-deck transit bus built by Volvo Buses. Commonly referred to as the “B7R”, it is the successor of the Volvo B10BLE, and built in a similar way to the existing B7L and B7R chassis.

Currently, Singapore’s major bus operator, SBS Transit, has a sole B7RLE demonstrator unit (SBS8030L) in its fleet. Sentosa Island also operates a small fleet of Volvo B7RLEs for internal shuttle bus services.

The coach version of the chassis, the Volvo B7R, is used by various private bus companies.

Technical Data:

The Volvo B7RLE is a combination of the B7L and B7R chassis with improved performance, and a successor of the Volvo B10BLE chassis. Originally equipped with a 7-liter Euro 3 engine, Euro 4 and 5 options were later introduced to fulfill emission standards with the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), hence requiring the use of diesel exhaust fluid like AdBlue.

Demonstrator Unit:

In 2007, SBS Transit received a new single-deck wheelchair-accessible demonstrator bus from Volvo, at a time when a large number of single-deck orders were being considered. Registered on 18 Dec 2007, the bus was given the registration of SBS8030L and subsequently deployed on Service 174/174e based in Soon Lee Depot. In March 2016, it was redeployed to Ang Mo Kio Depot.

Basic Specifications:

  • Volvo D7E290 EC06 engine
    7148cc, 290 hp (213 kW) @ 2200 rpm
    Torque rating of 1200 Nm @ 1050 – 1650 rpm
  • Euro-IV compliant
    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology requiring diesel exhaust fluids such as AdBlue.
  • ZF Ecomat 6HP 554N gearbox
    Six-speed automatic
  • Soon Chow Bodywork
    Bodyworlk supplied and assembled by locally by Soon Chow Workshop Pte Ltd
  • CoolAir Electronic Display Signages (EDS)
    Orange LED matrix design.
  • Denso LD8u air-conditioning, rear-mounted
    (Air Conditioning unit was Denso LD8i prior to Mar 2015)

The Volvo B7RLE is powered by the Euro IV-compliant Volvo D7E290 engine (7,148cc) which relied on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions technology (the first bus in SBS Transit’s fleet to do so), hence requiring the use of diesel exhaust fluids.

The bus bodywork was supplied by local bus bodybuilder Soon Chow Workshop Pte Ltd, which had constructed several batches of transit buses for SBS and SBST in the past. The interior of the bus is unique in several aspects – the use of Vogelsitze Pino seats, and the rear section has a conference-style round seating rather than the standard 5-seating forward-facing bench. It was also the first bus to feature two granny seats at the front section of the bus, and remained so only until the arrival of the Scania K230UB Euro Vs. The low-entry bus is wheelchair-accessible, with a manual ramp at the exit door and two wheelchair lots.

Despite the promising design and capabilities of the bus, SBS Transit eventually chose the Scania K230UB over the Volvo B7RLE for its large-scale fleet renewal programme. However, SBST made a decision to procure the bus rather than returning it to Volvo, and it continues to remain in SBS Transit’s fleet today.

As of September 2016, SBS8030L is a training bus based in Hougang Depot.

SBS8030L Specification sheet
For more specifications, visit sgwiki.


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