Change of Operator for City Direct 656

One thought on “Apr17_Sv656_Takeover

  • 16 November 2017 at 4:10 PM

    With the ever increasing MRT problems recently especially affecting NSL lines, SMRT should look into increasing the frequency of the existing bus services (BSEP) to the city centre.

    I am staying in Sembawang area and there is bus service 656 plying in our estate. But when checking the bus schedule, I learn that the service only starts at 7:20am onwards. May I request for the service to begin earlier to cater those offices starting earlier (in line with the government encouraging companies to stagger the peak working hours). My work starts at 8:00 am and I won’t be able to reach Raffles Place with your existing bus schedule, as it takes approx. 70 mins of travel time to reach town.

    Kindly take immediate action to rectify the existing flaws in bus / MRT services. SMRT need to step-up to deal with the current transport deficiency and have the foresight to plan and coordinate their services with the existing times. It is a shame that a “1st world nation and world class transport service” is in this dire dilemma.

    I sincerely hope to receive a favourable response to this request.

    Paramjit Kaur


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