Boon Lay Feeder services

Jurong West and Pioneer are served by four Feeder bus services which operate out of Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

Boon Lay Interchange is home to the 24_ series of feeder services and the 24_/25_ Jurong Industrial Services.

  • Service 240: Loops at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim.
  • Service 241: Loops at Jurong West Street 91/92, introduced in 2009.
  • Service 242: Loops at Jurong West Street 91/92, shortened to Street 71 with the introduction of 241.
  • Service 243: Loops at Jurong West Street 82, using Green and White plate for anticlockwise and clockwise loops respectively.
  • Service 244: Loops at Corporation Drive, withdrawn.

Today, only services 240, 241, 242 and 243 remain. All routes are controlled by Soon Lee Bus Park (SLBP). Other trunk routes such as 181, 192, 193 and 246 also provide coverage from Boon Lay Interchange into the housing estates.

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