Bukit Panjang Feeder services

Bukit Panjang is served by two Feeder bus services which operate out of Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange.

Bukit Panjang is home to the 92_ series of Feeder services:

  • Service 343: Looped at Petir Road, renumbered 921
  • Service 344: Looped at Bukit Panjang Ring Road, withdrawn under LRT rationalization
  • Service 345: Looped at Saujana Road, withdrawn under LRT rationalization
  • Service 920: Loops at Bangkit Road
  • Service 921: Looped at Petir Road, merged with 700/700A and withdrawn
  • Service 922: Loops at Segar Road, later extended to Bangkit Road

Bukit Panjang was formerly under Singapore Bus Service (SBS) control, served by the 34x series of Feeder bus routes. They were:

  • Service 343: Bt Panjang Ter – Petir Rd End (Loop)
  • Service 344: Bt Panjang Ter – Bt Panjang Ring Rd (Loop)

These two services were handed to Trans-Island Bus Service (TIBS) on 6th Aug 1995. TIBS later introduced its own Service 345 as Bt Panjang – Saujana Rd (Loop) on 15 Feb 1998. However, on 26th Dec 1999, 344 and 345 were withdrawn following the Bukit Panjang LRT Rationalization.

TIBS later introduced a new Bukit Panjang feeder route, Service 920 on Sunday, 26 March 2000. On the same day, Service 343 was renumbered to Feeder 921 and converted to partial air-con service. This marked the transition to TIBS’ 92x series of Bukit Panjang feeder routes:

  • Service 920: Loops at Bangkit Road. Amended to Senja Rd and Senja Link in May 2005.
  • Service 921: Loops at Petir Road End, integrated with 700/700A in June 2006 and withdrawn.
  • Service 922: Loops at Bangkit Road. Introduced in Apr 2006.

Service 920 and 922 frequently experienced poor frequencies due to low demand, which were subsequently beefed up during the Bus Services Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Today, only services 920 and 922 remain. All routes are now controlled under SMRT’s Kranji Depot (KJDEP).

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