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GrabShuttle Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa (PZ1208K)
GrabShuttle Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa (PZ1208K)

[GrabShuttle Plus will cease operations on 1 January 2020. The last day of operations is on 31 December 2019.]

GrabShuttle Plus is a on-demand shuttle service by Grab, which offers point-to-point bus routes at affordable prices, supplementing existing public transport services with more direct bus routes. Personalised shuttle services can be booked directly from the GrabShuttle Plus App immediately or up to 3 days in advance.

GrabShuttle Plus is currently available in the following areas:


  • Hougang
  • Punggol
  • Sengkang
  • Serangoon
  • Cheng San / Seletar


  • Paya Lebar
  • Ubi


  • Bedok
  • Changi
  • Tampines
  • Pasir Ris

Booking Guide

Bus Stops Available in Punggol

GrabShuttle Plus calls at the following bus stops, as well as places where bus services are not available in Punggol.

Bus Stop No. Description Road Name
65371 Blk 682A Edgedale Plains
65379 Blk 661A Edgedale Plains
65241 Blk 196C Edgefield Plains
65249 Blk 178 Edgefield Plains
65381 Punggol Sec Sch Edgefield Plains
65389 Opp Punggol Sec Sch Edgefield Plains
65391 Blk 672A Edgefield Plains
65399 Blk 670A Edgefield Plains
65411 Horizon Pr Sch Edgefield Plains
65419 Opp Horizon Pr Sch Edgefield Plains
65429 Greendale Pr Sch Edgefield Plains
Marina Country Club (Driveway) Northshore Dr
St Francis Xavier Major Seminary (Outside Gate) Ponggol Seventeenth Ave
Blk 209C Lobby Punggol Cres
65229 Blk 298 Punggol Ctrl
65251 Punggol Stn/Waterway Pt Punggol Ctrl
65259 Punggol Stn/Int Punggol Ctrl
65261 Blk 649 Punggol Ctrl
65269 Blk 162B Punggol Ctrl
65271 Opp Blk 188 Punggol Ctrl
65279 Bet Blks 187/188 Punggol Ctrl
65281 Punggol Sec/Blk 601B Punggol Ctrl
65289 Opp Punggol Sec/Blk 195E Punggol Ctrl
65401 Opp Blk 264A Punggol Ctrl
65301 Damai Stn Exit B Punggol Dr
65309 Damai Stn Exit A Punggol Dr
65311 Oasis Stn Exit B/Blk 617D Punggol Dr
65319 Oasis Stn Exit A Punggol Dr
65321 Kadaloor Stn Exit B Punggol Dr
65329 Kadaloor Stn Exit A Punggol Dr
Punggol Town Square Punggol Dr (End)
65181 Aft Punggol Ctrl Punggol East
65189 Bef Punggol Ctrl Punggol East
65231 Riviera Stn Exit B Punggol East
65239 Riviera Stn Exit A Punggol East
65521 Waterwoods Punggol East
65529 Aft Punggol Field Punggol East
65561 Waterway Pr Sch Punggol East
65569 Opp Waterway Pr Sch Punggol East
65151 Cove Stn Exit B Punggol Field
65159 Cove Stn Exit A Punggol Field
65161 Meridian Stn Exit B Punggol Field
65169 Meridian Stn Exit A Punggol Field
65171 Coral Edge Stn Exit B Punggol Field
65179 Coral Edge Stn Exit A Punggol Field
65201 Opp Blk 201A Punggol Field
65209 Aft Punggol Rd Punggol Field
65331 Opp Blk 268D Punggol Field
65339 Blk 268C Punggol Field
65341 Opp Blk 272C Punggol Field
65349 Blk 272C Punggol Field
65551 Blk 227A Punggol Field
65559 Opp Blk 227A Punggol Field
Outside Waterwoods Punggol Field Walk
65071 Opp Blk 103A Punggol Rd
65079 Blk 102C Punggol Rd
65081 Opp Blk 199C Punggol Rd
65089 Opp Blk 296 Punggol Rd
65091 Blk 301A Punggol Rd
65101 Aft Punggol Dr Punggol Rd
65109 Bef Punggol Dr Punggol Rd
65111 Bef Punggol 17th Ave Punggol Rd
65121 Opp Track 22 Punggol Rd
65129 Aft Track 22 Punggol Rd
65139 Punggol Rd End Punggol Rd
Outside Blk 213B Punggol Walk
65141 Soo Teck Stn Punggol Way
65149 Soo Teck Stn Punggol Way
65431 Twin Waterfalls Punggol Way
65439 Aft TPE Punggol Way
PPT Lodge 1B Workers Dormitory (Main Gate) Seletar Nth Link
65481 Bef Punggol Dr Sentul Cres
65489 Aft Punggol Dr Sentul Cres
65541 Bef Sumang Lane Sumang Crescent
65549 Aft Sumang Lane Sumang Crescent
65531 Blk 226A Sumang Lane
65539 Blk 224A Sumang Lane
65461 Blk 312 CP Sumang Link
65469 Blk 310B Sumang Link
65441 Opp Blk 315B Sumang Walk
65449 Blk 315B Sumang Walk
65451 Blk 322 CP Sumang Walk
65459 Opp Blk 322 CP Sumang Walk
65491 Opp Blk 259 CP Sumang Walk
65499 Blk 259 CP Sumang Walk
Tebing Lane Tebing Lane

Promo Code

Your first 4 GrabShuttle Plus rides are absolutely FREE when you use the promo code SHUTTLEPLUS.


All GrabShuttle Plus rides are fixed at $1.20 per ride, per passenger. Payment is made via the GrabShuttle Plus app.

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