GrabShuttle G126: Balestier / Whampoa / Cairnhill / River Valley to Depot Cl / Alexandra Rd / Mapletree Biz City

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This Route has been withdrawn.


GrabShuttle G126 is a bus pooling service provided by GrabShuttle from Balestier / Whampoa / Cairnhill / River Valley to Depot Close (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) / Alexandra Rd / Mapletree Business City. Operating with a forward trip on weekday mornings (except public holidays), seats are required to be booked via the GrabShuttle app or Beeline app.

This route caters to workers at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mapletree Business City as well as neighbouring industrial buildings. It offers them a direct route from Balestier / Whampoa / Cairnhill / River Valley to work.

Route G126 at a glance. Map Image:
Route G126 at a glance. Map Image:


 GrabShuttle G126:  Balestier / Whampoa / Cairnhill / River Valley → Depot Close / Alexandra Rd / Mapletree Business City
  Boarding Points  Alighting Points
Bus Stop Time
Bus Stop
0730 Cube 8 Condominium (Outside Guardhouse)
Thomson Road
0830 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Drop off point)
Depot Close
0732 Balestier Ctr (Bus Stop ID: 50161)
Balestier Rd
0837  Alexandra Technopark A (Block A Bus Bay)
Alexandra Rd
0733 Zhongshan Mall (Bus Stop ID: 50171)
Balestier Rd
0844  Mapletree Business City (Bus Stop: 15159)
Pasir Panjang Rd
0738 Blk 114 (Bus Stop ID: 52451)
Whampoa Rd
0741 Opp NKF (Bus Stop ID: 52099)
Kim Keat Rd
0744 Opp Balestier Twrs (Bus Stop ID: 50221)
Balestier Rd
0747 Lamp Post No. 2
Dorset Rd
0750 Bef Carlisle Rd (Bus Stop ID: 50071)
Norfolk Rd
0759 The Light @ Cairnhill (O/S Guardhouse)
Cairnhill Circle
0808 The Morningside (Bus Stop ID: 13089)
River Valley Rd

Fare: $5.00. Prior booking is required via the GrabShuttle / Beeline app. Once booked, commuters are guaranteed a seat on the bus.

Booking a Seat 

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