GrabShuttle G22/G22B: Sengkang to CBD / Suntec

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GrabShuttle G22 is a bus pooling service provided by GrabShuttle from Sengkang to Central Business District / Suntec City. Operating with 2 forward trips on weekday mornings (except public holidays), seats are required to be booked via the GrabShuttle app or Beeline app.

GrabShuttle G22B operates the second forward trip at a later time.

This route caters to CBD workers as well as Suntec City workers. It offers workers a direct route from Sengkang to work in the mornings.

Return trips from CBD / Suntec City to Punggol / Sengkang are operated by GrabShuttle G27.

Route G22 at a glance. Map Image:
Route G22 at a glance. Map Image:


 GrabShuttle G22/G22B: Sengkang → CBD / Suntec City
Boarding Points Alighting Points
Bus Stop Time
Bus Stop
0740 Rumbia Stn Exit A
(Bus Stop ID: 67229)
Rivervale Dr
0831 0840 International Plaza
(O/S 20 Anson, Starbucks)
Anson Road
0742 Opp Rivervale Pr Sch
(Bus Stop ID 67239)
Rivervale Dr
0833 0843 Beside GB Building
McCallum Street
0750 Farmway LRT Station Exit B
Anchorvale Street
0837 0846 Outside Clifford Centre
(Under OUE Link)
Collyer Quay
0754 Kupang LRT Station Exit B
Fernvale Street
0841 0850 Suntec Tower 5
(Pickup / Dropoff Point)
Temasek Blvd
0745 0757 Opp Fernvale Pr Sch
(Bus Stop ID: 67491)
Sengkang West Ave
0747 0800 Fernvale Stn/Blk 439A
(Bus Stop ID: 67481)
Sengkang West Ave
0748 0801 Layar Stn Exit B
(Bus Stop ID: 67471)
Sengkang West Ave
0750 0803 Blk 303B
(Bus Stop ID: 67291)
Sengkang East Ave
0754 0807 Blk 203B
(Bus Stop ID: 67261)
Sengkang East Ave
0756 0809 Ranggung Stn Exit A
(Bus Stop ID: 67211)
Sengkang East Ave
0758 0811 Blk 101
(Bus Stop ID: 67169)
Sengkang East Ave
0802 0815 Blk 111
(Bus Stop ID: 65029)
Punggol Rd
0806 Bef Sengkang East Dr
(Bus Stop ID: 67731)
Buangkok Dr


Fare: $5.50. Prior booking is required via the GrabShuttle / Beeline app. Once booked, commuters are guaranteed seats on the bus.

Booking a Seat 

GrabShuttle Booking Guide

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