GrabShuttle G59/G59B: CBD / Suntec to Punggol

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GrabShuttle G59 is a bus pooling service provided by GrabShuttle from Central Business District / Suntec City to Punggol. Operating with 2 return trips on weekday evenings (except public holidays), seats are required to be booked via the GrabShuttle app or Beeline app.

GrabShuttle G59B operates as the second return trip at an earlier timing as GrabShuttle G59.

This route caters to CBD workers as well as Suntec City workers. It offers workers a direct route from work from Punggol in the evenings.

Route G59 at a glance. Map Image:
Route G59 at a glance. Map Image:




 GrabShuttle G59/G59B: CBD / Suntec → Punggol
  Boarding Points  Alighting Points

Bus Stop  Time (G59) Time
Bus Stop 
1930 1855 International Plaza
(O/S 20 Anson, Starbucks) Anson Road
2005 1930 Coral Edge Stn Exit A
(Bus Stop ID: 65179)
Punggol Field
1932 1857 Beside GB Building McCallum Street 2006 1931 Meridian Stn Exit A
(Bus Stop ID: 65169)
Punggol Field
1936 1901 Outside Clifford Centre (Under OUE Link)
Collyer Quay
2007 1932 Cove Stn Exit A
(Bus Stop ID: 65159)
Punggol Field
1943 1908 Suntec Tower 5
(Pickup / Dropoff Point) Temasek Blvd
2009 1934 Punggol Sec/Blk 601B
(Bus Stop ID: 65281)
Punggol Central
2010 1935 Blk 649
(Bus Stop ID: 65261)
Punggol Central
2011 1936 Damai Stn Exit B
(Bus Stop ID: 65301)
Punggol Dr
2012 1937 Kadaloor Stn Exit B
(Bus Stop ID: 65321)
Punggol Dr
2013 1938 Oasis Stn Exit B/Blk 617D
(Bus Stop ID: 65311)
Punggol Dr
2017 1942 Punggol Stn
(Pick Up Bay opp Waterway Point, aft G20 taxi stand)
Punggol Central

Fare: $3.50. Prior booking is required via the GrabShuttle / Beeline app. Once booked, commuters are guaranteed seats on the bus.

Booking a Seat 

GrabShuttle Booking Guide

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