More MAN buses for Go-Ahead Singapore

9 MAN Buses recently joined Go-Ahead Singapore’s fleet and started operations this week on Monday, 25 March 2019. These buses were leased by Go-Ahead Singapore to support an increase in its fleet with the commencement of Short Trip Services 34B & 85A on the same day.

The buses are from the latest batch of Euro 6 MAN A22 and MAN A95 buses procured by the Land Transport Authority. Latest commuter-friendly features are available on these buses, which are equipped with USB Charging Ports and Passenger Information Display System.

The MAN A22, registered as SG1849A, was deployed on Feeder Service 386, while 8 MAN A95 buses registered as SG6090M – SG6095A, SG6105E & SG6106C were mostly deployed on Bus Service 2.

While Go-Ahead Singapore’s fleet of buses is mostly made up of Volvo B9TL and Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses, the company received 15 MAN A95 and 3 MAN A22 buses last year in tandem with new developments and growth in ridership. Since the start of Go-Ahead’s operations, 4 new bus services (12e, 68, 381  and 661) were added, while existing services have been improved with additional trips and new short trip services.

MAN Buses under Go-Ahead Singapore

  • MAN A22
    • SG1720L SG1797R SG1798M SG1849A
  • MAN A95
    • SG5904Y SG5905U SG5906S SG5907P SG5908L SG5909J SG5910D SG5911B SG5912Z SG5913X SG5914T SG5915R SG5918H SG5919E SG5920A SG6090M SG6091K SG6092H SG6093E SG6094C SG6095A SG6105E SG6106C

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3 thoughts on “More MAN buses for Go-Ahead Singapore

    • 15 April 2019 at 10:21 AM

      They should in fact lease 8 MAN A95 & 8 MAN A22 Euro 6 for additional fleet..Their way of maximise fleet is terrible.Buses engine in terrible conditions.Should also lease SG Euro 5 A22 from SMRT & a few SG Citaros


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