New R151 trains for NSEWL undergoing testing in China

New Alstom MOVIA R151 trains for both the North South Line and East West Line have been spotted undergoing testing in China.

In recent footage uploaded to Chinese video sharing site bilibili, the train is seen running on elevated test tracks near CRRC’s manufacturing plant in Changchun.

Published by Xeon4850 on bilibili

These trains are built at Changchun Bombardier Rail Vehicles Company Ltd. (CBRC), a joint venture between rail vehicle manufacturers Bombardier and CRRC Changchun. Alstom has since acquired Bombardier’s rail division.

A total of 106 trains were purchased; the largest single order for rolling stock in Singapore’s rail history. These will replace 1st-generation  Kawasaki Heavy Industries C151 trains (66 units), 2nd-generation Siemens C651 trains (19 units) and 3rd-generation Kawasaki-Nippon Sharyo C751B trains (21 units) on the NSL and EWL.

Trains were initially slated to arrive in Singapore from 2021 and commence service from 2022 onwards.

Video screengrabs
Other media appearances

Photos of the train appeared in Alstom press materials in 2021. As part of a Childen’s Day event, children whose parents worked at the factory were invited for a tour, which included the R151 trains being manufactured for Singapore.

More pictures were carried by RailDrive Transportation, a rail systems provider in China. These also provide a glimpse into the interior of the train cars, which closely match early renders of the train.

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4 thoughts on “New R151 trains for NSEWL undergoing testing in China

  • 1 March 2022 at 6:24 PM

    Hope so. I also think those EMU900 trains are very bad. Hope CR151 will be slightly better.

    (EMU900 and CJ151 are manufactured by Hyundai Rotem of South Korea, while CR151 will be from China).

  • 19 February 2022 at 4:49 PM

    I really wanna sit those trains

  • 18 February 2022 at 10:03 PM

    Let’s call this the most beautiful MRT train, like how
    the Taiwanese call their EMU900 (which is the Taiwan railway’s newest local train 區間車, just delivered and entered service in last year 2021) the 最美區間車 (the most beautiful local train).

    Really, the appearance is unlike the MRT trains that are currently in Singapore.

    When the CR151 enter service, it’s going to bring a significant change to the appearance of the NSEWL, considering a large portion of the NSEWL rolling stock will be replaced by the CR151.

    The CR151: the most beautiful MRT train ever in Singapore. Hopefully we can give the CR151 that recognition. 😊


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