Premium Bus Service 729

Premium Bus Service 729 is a Premium service operated by private operator K. H. Ng Bus Transport Service between Punggol and Pasir Panjang. The route passes through Sengkang East, Serangoon North & Bukit Merah, operating city-bound trips in the morning and return trips in the evening.


Route Information
Route [AM] Punggol Field (Blk 126A)
→ Pasir Panjang Rd (Pasir Panjang Ctr)
[PM] Pasir Panjang Rd (Harbourside Ind Bdlg 2)
→ Punggol Field (Opp Blk 126A)
Passes Through Sengkang East, Serangoon North & Bukit Merah
Operator Information
Current Operator K H Ng Bus Transport Service
Departure Times from T1 0705 – 0835 (Weekdays)
Departure Times from T2 1745 – 1845 (Weekdays)
Frequency Unidirectional Service
AM Peak: 25 – 35 mins | PM Peak: 30 mins

Premium 729 serves HDB estates in the Punggol East, Buangkok Green and Serangoon North area with bus connections to Bukit Merah and the Mapletree Business City, eliminating the hassle of transferring between different modes of transport.

 Operating Days: Weekdays only. Does not operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Departure Times:

  • AM Peak: 0705hrs, 0735hrs, 0810hrs, 0835hrs
  • PM Peak: 1745hrs, 1815hrs, 1845hrs

Fares: $4.00 per trip

Transfer rebates & concessionary travel are not applicable.

Fleet: Premium 729 commonly operates on private coaches.

Route Information:

Direction 1 (towards Pasir Panjang): Direction 2 (towards Punggol):
  • Punggol Field
    Blk 126A
    Blk 108
    Blk 101C
  • Punggol Rd
    Blk 102C
    St Anne’s Church
    Blk 126A
    Blk 124
    Opp Blk 111
  • Sengkang East Ave
    Blk 267 CP
    Opp Blk 203A
  • Sengkang East Rd
    Aft Sengkang East Ave
    Bef Buangkok Dr
  • Buangkok Green
    Blk 565
    Blk 579
    Blk 911
    Blk 969
  • Serangoon North Ave 5
    Blk 531
    Blk 538
    Blk 546
    KLA Tencor
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
    Opp Daikin S’pore
    Opp Blk 5022
  • Jln Bukit Merah
    Blk 111
    Blk 104
    Bukit Merah Town Ctr
    SPRING S’pore Bdlg
    Opp Blk 28
    Opp Blk 2
  • Alexandra Rd
    Opp SP Jain
  • Pasir Panjang Rd
    Opp PSA Bdlg
    Opp Alexandra DP Blk 3
    Pasir Panjang Ctr
  • Pasir Panjang Rd
    Harbourside Ind Bdlg 2
    Alexandra DP Blk 3
    PSA Bdlg
  • Alexandra Rd
    Alexandra Pt
    SP Jain
  • Jln Bukit Merah
    Opp OG Fcty
    Blk 1
    Opp Pacific Tech Ctr
    Opp SPRING S’pore Bdlg
    Opp Bt Merah Town Ctr
    Blk 119
    Blk 201
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
    Blk 5022
    Daikin S’pore
  • Serangoon North Ave 5
    Ban Teck Han Bdlg
    Opp Blk 531
  • Yio Chu Kang Rd
    Opp Blk 953
  • Buangkok Green
    Opp Blk 968
    Opp Blk 910
    Opp Blk 579
    Opp Blk 565
  • Sengkang East Rd
    Aft Buangkok Dr
    Bef Sengkang East Ave
  • Sengkang East Ave
    Blk 200B
    Blk 203B
    Blk 208 CP
  • Punggol Rd
    Opp Blk 110
    Blk 227D
    Blk 231
    Opp Blk 103A
  • Punggol Field
    Blk 196A
    Blk 173B
    Opp Blk 126A


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6 thoughts on “Premium Bus Service 729

  • 14 November 2017 at 4:02 PM

    Will there be any changes to the route in the near future? Would like to have the pickup from Oasis LRT.

  • 13 February 2017 at 1:07 AM

    I have not taken premium bus before. May I know how do I take it? Is it the same as public buses just flag and hop on when the bus arrive? And the listed AM peak time is it all depart from the first station (punggol field block 126A)?

    • 13 February 2017 at 2:03 PM

      Hi Punggol Resident,

      Yes, you may flag and hop on the bus when it arrives. Timings listed are from the first stop (Blk 126A, Punggol Field).

      Land Transport Guru Admin Team

      • 15 February 2017 at 12:32 AM

        Hi admin team,

        Thank you for your confirmation.

        1.However, I remembered when I commented yesterday, the fare was indicated as $3.50 per trip. When I checked again today, it is showing as $4 per trip. Is it not $3.50 per trip for this PBS 729?
        2. Do you know how long is the total travel time from first (punggol) station to last station (pasir panjang)?

        Punggol Resident


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