Singapore LRT Breakdown Guide

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This section was created to assist commuters in finding alternative routes by bus in the event of a LRT Service Disruption. During such an event, rail bridging bus services may be activated, but these services take time to deploy and will not be able to cope with large numbers of affected passengers. It is thus advantageous if commuters have concise directions to their destinatons via existing bus services that serve the affected MRT station during a service disruption.

Train disruptions can range from additional travel time to a full breakdown of the train line. Given the type of diisruption and distance to destination, commuters should use our guide only as a reference, subject to the situation on the ground.

During a disruption

At the onset of a disruption, free bus boarding will be activated at bus stops near train stations. Commuters would be better off finding alternative routes than waiting for rail bridging bus services to appear. As such, they are advised to rely on existing bus routes to leave the area rather than joining the growing crowd. Bus services are expected to be packed, and commuters unable to board buses may consider other forms of transport such as taxi, or walking, since LRT stations are generally in close proximity to each other.

Types of station guide

Click on the following MRT line for a page jump and click on a station to view alternative bus transport routes.

  • Bukit Panjang LRT
  • Sengkang LRT
  • Punggol LRT

Bukit Panjang LRT

Alternate Bus Services between LRT stations:

  • BP1 through BP3: 188
  • BP1 through BP6: 67
  • BP6 through BP8: 171, 963
  • BP6, BP9 through BP13: 920, 922, 972
  • BP6 – BP14: No Shuttle Provided (walk)

For more information on bus bridging services, you may refer to LRT Shuttle A / B article.

Sengkang LRT

Punggol LRT

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