Auto Rider @ Gardens by the Bay – Autonomous Shuttle Bus Service

The Auto Rider is an autonomous shuttle service plying within Gardens by the Bay. The ~750m route connects Bayfront Plaza and the Flower Dome with no intermediate stops.

Pick-up points are located at both ends of the route, where ticketing counters are situated. The shuttle operates from 10.30am – 9.30pm daily, at 20-minute intervals.


The Auto Rider is a shuttle service plying within Gardens by the Bay using air-conditioned autonomous vehicles, ferrying visitors between Bayfront Plaza and the conservatories (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest). It is ticketed separately from the existing Shuttle Service which uses electric buggies.

The Auto Rider operates using a Navya Autonom Shuttle which debuted in October 2019. It boasts a state-of-the-art transparent film technology that incorporates light effects and projects artistic images onto the windows. In the evening, the effects are visible from outside the vehicles and do not affect the transparency of the windows for the passengers looking out from within.


Gardens by the Bay Auto Rider
Route Bayfront Plaza Flower Dome
Operating Hours 1030hrs – 2130hrs (Daily)
Frequency About 20 mins
Ticket Pricing
  • Adult – $5
  • Child (3 – 12 years old minimum height of 1.2m) – $3

Cashless Payment only (Credit / Debit Cards or WeChat Pay)

10 Seated Passengers only (No Standing Allowed)
For safety reasons, strollers, wheelchairs and PMDs are not allowed in the Auto Rider.
* Note: Although the autonomous shuttle can operate in a light drizzle, operation will be suspended in the event of heavy rain or lightning warning for the safety of visitors.


Shuttle rides can be booked via the Auto Rider @ Gardens by the Bay mobile app (App Store / Google Play), or at self-ticketing kiosks located at the boarding and alighting points between 10.15 am and 9.00 pm. As the payment system is cashless, only credit/debit cards and WeChat Pay will be accepted.

Tickets cover two trips in any direction and are priced at $5 (adult) and $3 (child from 3 to 12 years old with a minimum height of 1.2m).

Ticketing Kiosks

Mobile Application

First Bus

The first Auto Rider was launched in December 2015, using the EasyMile EZ-10 autonomous vehicle. As part of the two-week trial, the bus plied a 1.5 km-long loop, starting at The Meadow (near “The Planet” sculpture), via the “World of Plants” series of outdoor gardens, and looping at The Canopy (near the cooled conservatories). Each ride had a duration of 15 minutes.

The Auto Rider was officially launched on 22 June 2016 for public rides in Gardens by the Bay. The trial ceased in 2017/2018.

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Second Bus

The latest Auto Rider was launched in October 2019, using the Navya Autonom Shuttle which boasts enhanced features including the ability to carry more passengers and operate for a longer period. It is the product of collaboration between ST Engineering and a consortium of partners. The vehicle is designed and manufactured by French company NAVYA, a global leader in autonomous vehicles and driving systems for the transport of passengers and goods. It is operated jointly by WILLERS, the Singapore subsidiary of Japan’s largest private bus operator, and CarClub, Singapore’s largest car-sharing operator.

Revenue service commenced on Saturday, 26 October 2019. Daily operating hours (formerly 1000hrs–2100hrs) were later updated to 1030hrs–2130hrs.


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  • 14 July 2022 at 3:34 PM

    Is auto rider on operation? We r at flower dome stop. I scanned the qr code of my purchased voucher and it says “success and is making its way to my location” (flower dome) but another screen says “its undergoing maintenance”. Which is right? Is auto rider in operation?


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