Changi Airport T2-T3 Skytrain resumes service

The Changi Airport Terminal 2 – Terminal 3 Skytrain (Public Area) has resumed service in July 2019.

The T2-T3 skytrain service (Stations B – E) was suspended since 24 February 2015 to facilitate construction works for Jewel Changi Airport. During the suspension, commuters in the public area connected between Terminals 2 and 3 via the link-bridge above the MRT station, while passengers in the transit area had a shuttle bus service to serve the 2 terminals, in addition to the existing T3 – T2 transit skytrain (stations A – F)


In 2019, six new train cars were added to the Changi Airport Skytrain network, while signalling and communication systems and related station facilities were upgraded. The previous two-car shuttle between Terminals 2 and 3 was upgraded to a three-car system, while the previous one-car shuttle between Station A and A South (Terminal 3 and Gates A15 – A21) was upgraded to a two-car system.

On 12 April 2019, the T2-T3 Skytrain (Stations B – E) resumed service only for the transit area. Subsequently in July 2019, the skytrain service for the public area resumed. Operating in a 3-car formation, 2 train cars serve the public area, while the remaining 1 train car serves the transit area.

Now everyone can get up close to Jewel’s magical rain vortex!

(P.S. Ride from Terminal 2 to 3 for a better view)


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