(Defunct) Parks Services

Parks Services were special bus services operated by SBS Transit that connect various parks to and from nearby bus interchanges. Introduced in 2005, three existing bus services (400, 401 & 403) were converted to Parks services and two additional bus services (408 & 409) were introduced. Targeted at park-goers, they enhance the connectivity of several parks by providing direct bus services to within the parks itself.

The last Parks service, 408, was withdrawn on 1 Aug 2016.

Parks Services
Service Route Remarks
Parks 400 Shenton Way ↺ Marina Mall
Serves Marina City Park
Converted to a Parks Service on 14 Nov 2005
Reverted back to a Trunk Service on 16 Mar 2009
Parks 401 Bedok ↺ Fort Road
Serves East Coast Park
Parks 403 Pasir Ris ↺ Pasir Ris Road
Serves Pasir Ris Park
Parks 408 HarbourFront ↺ Port Road
Serves Labrador Park
Introduced on 12 Mar 2005
Withdrawn on 1 Aug 2016
Parks 409 HarbourFront ↺ Mount Faber Road
Serves Mount Faber Park
Introduced on 14 Nov 2005
Withdrawn on 1 Mar 2013



Fares for Parks services are based on flat-fares, regardless of mode of payment (card or cash).

  • Adult: $1.10
  • Child / Student: $0.55
  • Senior Citizen: $0.80

Bus concession passes and distance-based fares are not applicable.

Fares were revised on 3 Aug 2014:

  • Adult, PWD & WTCS: $1.20
  • Child / Student: $0.60
  • Senior Citizen: $0.85

Children below 7 years of age travel free.


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