Canberra MRT Station

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Canberra station will benefit emerging residential estates in the Canberra area.


Contract 158 for the construction of Canberra MRT Station was awarded to China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore) for the contract sum of $90 million (Contract 158A) & Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd for the contract sum of about $6.4 million (Contract 158B).

As the second infill station on the Singapore MRT network, LTA addressed the challenge of building Canberra station along an operational MRT line with measures drawn from the construction of Dover station.

According to the LTA, A full-scale mock-up of the station column and roof was installed off-site for LTA to determine the safest and most effective way to carry out the actual construction onsite. Detailed risk assessments were conducted for every construction activity. LTA also took special safety measures to ensure the safety of existing structures while minimising disruption to train services. There were also stringent controls to confine certain aspects of work to a two to three-hour window when trains are not running. A temporary protection enclosure was erected to cover and protect the existing railway tracks and trains, to ensure that “live” tracks are not affected by the construction of the new station’s roof. (Link)

To facilitate the construction of the crossover north of Canberra MRT Station, train service between Woodlands and Yishun was suspended on 18 & 19 May 2019 to facilitate the removal of existing tracks and installation of the new crossover track, while train service between Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio was suspended on 20 May 2019 to carry out testing and commissioning of the signalling software for the newly installed track sectors.

This was part of the 3 Day closure to construct crossover track at Canberra Station.

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    Nice! We can even go back home without taking bus from stations near Canberra Station after taking the MRT train!


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