Causeway Link JB Sentral–Desaru Coast Bus Service

Causeway Link JDX is an express bus service connecting Johor Bahru and Desaru Coast, operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link).

Departure Timings will be revised from 1 Feb 2020 to cater to increased demand.

Route Information
Route JB Sentral Bus TerminalDesaru Coast Riverside
Fare RM15.00 (as of Jan 2020)
Journey time 90 mins (subject to traffic conditions)
Departure Times From JB Sentral From Desaru Coast
8:30am (1 trip)
8:30am; 2:30pm (2 trips)
3:00pm (1 trip)
11:30am; 5:00pm (2 trips)
Departure Times
[From 1 Feb 2020]
9:00am (1 trip)
9:00am; 2:00pm (2 trips)
6:00pm (1 trip)
11:30am; 6:00pm (2 trips)

Launched on 1 January 2020, Causeway Link JDX offers direct connectivity between Johor Bahru and Desaru Coast in one and a half hours. This service benefits travellers coming from Woodlands Checkpoint, with convenient bus timings that facilitate a day trip to Desaru Coast.

The pick-up and drop-off point at Desaru Coast is at Desaru Coast Riverside, which is near Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast. Free shuttle bus services are offered to nearby hotels and attractions, such as Desaru Coast like Westine, Hard Rock, Anantara, and the Els Club.

The pick-up and drop-off point at Johor Bahru is at JB Sentral Bus Terminal (Platform No. 2). Passengers can speak to Causeway Link staff at the terminal for inquiries.

Booking & Payment

The bus ride can be booked online at Causeway Link’s website, or purchased on the spot. Manjalink and Travel Bus Pass cards issued by Causeway Link are also accepted.

Booking & Payment details (Click to expand)
1. Online

To secure a seat on the preferred traveling time, passengers are advised to book their bus ticket online.  E-ticket will be embedded with a QR code that can be scanned on board to get free drinks vouchers from the bus ticketing machine.

2. JB Sentral Counter (Causeway Link)

Passengers can also pay their bus ticket on the spot provided that the bus is not full. This option does not guarantee a seat for passengers based on their preferred traveling date and time. Upon paying the bus fare on board, a ticket with a free drinks vouchers will come out from the ticketing machine.

3. ManjaLink Card

Another option to pay the bus fare is through the tapping of the ManjaLink Card. It is cashless card used to pay bus fare for Causeway Link cross-border buses and some selected shopping and leisure routes in Johor Bahru. Every cardholder will enjoy a 3% percent discount off from the RM15.00 bus fare for this bus ride.

4. Travel Bus Pass Card

This card provides a free ride to every cardholder every time the passengers board the bus. They can also be used for a free ride to other Causeway Link cross-border and shopping and leisure routes in Johor Bahru based on the 2 or 3 days pass.

Travel Bus Pass can be purchased online and can be redeemed based on the passenger’s preferred Causeway Link and ManjaLink counter redemption points.

ManjaLink and Travel Bus Pass cardholders will also receive a free drinks voucher from the bus ticketing machine after tapping their card on the card reader machine.



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