IMBRT Pilot Testing Programme

Nine different models of electric and biodiesel buses are being trialled in Johor over a three-month period, as part of the IMBRT Pilot Testing Programme.

The trial, which commenced on 8 April 2021, is taking place in Iskandar Puteri. It intends to test the buses’ capabilities and demonstrate the use of green technology, in line with Johor’s goal of modernizing its public transport system. More environmentally-friendly buses will be procured as part of the Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT), due for rollout in 2023.

Buses being showcased range from 6 metres to 32 metres. Designated test routes were also laid out in the Iskandar Puteri region.

Background to IMBRT

Main Article: Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT)

The IMBRT plan involves the construction of three dedicated BRT corridors from JB Sentral to Skudai, Tebrau, and Iskandar Puteri, each served by 1 trunk service. This is complemented by a network of 55 feeder and 44 direct services, bringing the total network coverage to 2,051km or approximately 90% of the populated area of Iskandar Malaysia.

Launch event

The Pilot Testing Programme was officiated by Johor chief minister Datuk Hasni Mohammad on 8 April 2021, in an event held at Puteri Harbour. Based on media pictures, only six vehicles were present at the event.

As part of the trial, the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and related agencies will conduct assessments, collect feedback on the effectiveness and safety of the buses, and obtain approval for their actual use in the future.


From left to right: 1. CRRC Zhuzhou ART; 2. Scania K250UB; 3. Putra-NEDO EV; 4. Edison Motors New e-FIBIRD, 5. Skywell NJL6101EV, 6. CRRC CSR6105GLEV1-1

Supplier Bus Manufacturer / Model Vehicle Registration Propulsion Description
BYD Unknown Electric
CRRC Zhejiang CRRC CSR6105GLEV1-1 (Gemilang) QAA2555V Electric Bus previously trialled in Kuching
Go Auto Manufacturing (GoAuto) Unknown (likely Higer) Electric
HMH Electric Transport Unknown Electric
Edison Motors Edison Motors New e-FIBIRD PIEV B2707A (trade plate) Electric Left-hand drive
Mobilus CRRC Zhuzhou Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) J2909A (trade plate) Electric 32m bi-articulated vehicle
Scania Scania K250UB (Gemilang) VX2864 Biodiesel (B100) Previously MRT Feeder Bus operated by rapidKL
Scania DEFTECH Putra-NEDO EV (Gemilang) VAD8412 Electric Opportunity charging (pantograph); bus previously trialled in Putrajaya
Scania Unknown 15m bus Unknown Unknown
Wise Star Group Skywell NJL6101EV (TBC) (trade plate) Electric
WSH Automotive Unknown (likely Golden Dragon) Electric
Test route

Two routes have been set out in the Iskandar Puteri region for the road testing of these buses, and are visible on the MyBus app.

The electric buses are based out of a staging area located at Kota Iskandar Bus Terminal.



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