Causeway Link Bus Service PM1

Bus Service PM1 is suspended from 18 March 2020 to 31 March 2020.

Causeway Link Route PM1 is a shopping & leisure bus service operated by Johor Bahru-based bus operator Handal Indah, plying between JB Sentral Bus Terminal and Paradigm Mall located in the Skudai area of Johor.

Technical Information
JB Sentral Bus TerminalParadigm Mall
Passes Through Jalan Bertingkat Skudai
Travelling Time 20 mins
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Departure Times from JB Sentral
1000hrs – 2120hrs (Daily)
Departure Times from Paradigm Mall
1040hrs – 2200hrs (Daily)
Frequency 60 – 100 mins
Fare RM 2.00 (Cash)  | RM 1.50 (ManjaLink)

Route PM1 is a shopping & leisure route connecting the JB Sentral area with the Paradigm Mall shopping centre. The route benefits locals and tourists alike with a direct and affordable bus connection direct to Paradigm Mall. Twelve departures are operated daily from both ends of the route.

Departure Timings
  • From JB Sentral:
    1000hrs, 1100hrs, 1200hrs, 1300hrs, 1400hrs, 1500hrs, 1620hrs, 1720hrs, 1820hrs, 1920hrs, 2020hrs & 2120hrs
  • From Paradigm Mall:
    1040hrs, 1140hrs, 1240hrs, 1340hrs, 1440hrs, 1600hrs, 1700hrs, 1800hrs, 1900hrs, 2000hrs, 2100hrs & 2200hrs
Boarding Points
  • JB Sentral: Bus terminal on the ground floor of JB Sentral Railway Station
  • Paradigm Mall: Bus stop in front of SPAO Shop


  • Cash: RM 2.00
  • ManjaLink Card: RM 1.50


  • 2019 (01 Nov): Launch of Bus Service PM1

Past Routings:

  • NA

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