Getting to Paradigm Mall JB by bus

Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru is an integrated development located in the Skudai area of Johor, roughly 12 kilometres from the Johor Bahru City Centre. It is the largest shopping mall in Johor Bahru, spanning more than 2 million square feet, and also features a 24-storey serviced apartments tower and a 296-room four-star hotel.

The mall is conveniently located along Skudai Highway, a major trunk road, and accessible by many bus services from JB Sentral.

From 1 November 2019, new Causeway Link Bus Service PM1 brings commuters to Paradigm Mall direct from JB Sentral.

By Public Bus

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Paradigm Mall can be reached via many local bus services from JB Sentral and Larkin as detailed in the table below, and alight at Bus Stop 1. When coming from areas in the North (Tun Aminah, Taman Universiti, Senai, Kulai, etc.), passengers can alight at Bus Stop 2.

Similarly, when leaving, commuters can take any bus from Bus Stop 2 to JB Sentral or Larkin, or Bus Stop 1 to areas north of Skudai.

Suggested Bus Routes From JB Sentral Bus Terminal (Ground floor of KTMB Johor Bahru Station):

  • Causeway Link: 1B, 5B, 7B, 505, BET1, BET3, JPO1
  • City Bus (Transit Link): 7, 15, 331

From 1 November 2019, Causeway Link Bus Service PM1 directly brings commuters from JB Sentral to Paradigm Mall, with the Pick Up / Drop Off Point at Bus Stop 2.

Bus Stop 1 — Opp  Paradigm Mall (Jalan Skudai)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
1B JB Sentral Selesa Jaya Causeway Link
2 Larkin Ayer Hitam City Bus
5B JB Sentral Taman Universiti Causeway Link
7 JB Sentral Kulai City Bus
7B JB Sentral Kulai Causeway Link
15 JB Sentral Selesa Jaya City Bus
207 Larkin Senai Airport Maju
229 JB Sentral Kulai Maju
331 JB Sentral Taman Universiti City Bus
333 JB Sentral Senai Airport Causeway Link
505 JB Sentral Taman Pulai Indah Causeway Link
606 JB Sentral Taman Pulai Indah Kembara City
666 Larkin Gelang Patah Causeway Link
777B JB Sentral Taman Puteri Kulai Causeway Link
A1 Larkin Senai Airport JB Central Line
BET1 JB Sentral Kulai Causeway Link
BET3 JB Sentral Taman Universiti Causeway Link
CW4S Sutera Mall Jurong East Causeway Link
JPO1 JB Sentral Johor Premium Outlets Causeway Link
P211 Larkin Taman Universiti Causeway Link
P411 Larkin Kulai Maju
Bus Stop 2 — Paradigm Mall (Jalan Skudai)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
1B Selesa Jaya JB Sentral Causeway Link
2 Ayer Hitam Larkin City Bus
5B Taman Universiti JB Sentral Causeway Link
7 Kulai JB Sentral City Bus
7B Kulai JB Sentral Causeway Link
15 Selesa Jaya JB Sentral City Bus
207 Senai Airport JB Sentral Maju
229 Kulai JB Sentral Maju
331 Taman Universiti JB Sentral City Bus
333 Senai Airport Larkin Causeway Link
505 Taman Pulai Indah JB Sentral Causeway Link
606 Taman Pulai Indah JB Sentral Kembara City
666 Gelang Patah Larkin Causeway Link
777B Taman Puteri Kulai JB Sentral Causeway Link
A1 Senai Airport JB Sentral JB Central Line
BET1 Kulai JB Sentral Causeway Link
BET3 Taman Universiti JB Sentral Causeway Link
JPO1 Johor Premium Outlets JB Sentral Causeway Link
P211 Taman Universiti Larkin Causeway Link
P411 Kulai Larkin Maju
Paradigm Mall JB Sentral Causeway Link
Crossing the road (Bus Stop 1, from JB Sentral)

If you are coming from JB Sentral or Larkin, alight at Paradigm Mall bus stop and walk against the flow of traffic. There is an overhead bridge along the vehicular flyover which connects to Paradigm Mall.

Bus Stop 2 (Beside Mall, to JB Sentral)

This bus stop is located near the East entrance of the mall, along a slip road that runs parallel to Jalan Skudai.

Coming To/From Singapore

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Commuting between Singapore and Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru via the Woodlands Crossing is recommended owing to many buses across the Causeway. Check out our article, Getting to Johor Bahru by bus, for more details. Transfer to any of the local bus services indicated above to continue your journey towards Paradigm Mall.

From the Second Link, Causeway Link CW4S only serves Paradigm Mall in the direction of Jurong East. Commuters coming from Singapore via the Second Link are advised to take CW3/CW4/CW4S to Gelang Patah and change for Service 666 to Paradigm Mall, which might be time-consuming.

Although Causeway Link CW4S towards Jurong East calls at Bus Stop 1, it only operates at selected times of day, and commuters are advised to check operating hour before waiting for the bus.

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  • 13 November 2019 at 11:27 AM

    Lazy people wants to have direct bus to paradigm mall

  • 23 December 2017 at 3:49 PM

    Appreciate to have direct bus (CW) to Paradigm Mall from Jurong East Terminal .
    Buses link to all the Malls; that is to say passengers can alight at their destinated mall and continue to next mall (if they want) from Paradigm Mall.

    Johor is a good times to spend at malls and many good foods too.


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