Bus Captains featured in new LTA bus advert

Bus Captains are featured in LTA’s latest bus advertisement, promoting bus captains at the forefront of the bus industry.

Decked out in lush green and photographs of the bus captains, it reflects the winning color of LTA’s month-long Color Your Buses campaign. With the tagline “Happy to be part of your every day”, bus captains are being put in the limelight (literally) as the driving force behind the bus industry, ferrying commuters to their destinations with a smile.

The advertisement takes a humanizing approach similar to that of SMRT’s “We’re Working On It” campaign, portraying the bus captain as an important part of commuters’ lives.

SMRT Bus Captains Parjo Bin Haron, Tan Kwee Chu, and SBS Transit Senior Bus Captain Woon Shaw Dong, are featured on the advertisement. It will be pasted on several buses purchased under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme, and has been spotted on 1 Single Decker Bus (SMB3094U) and 1 Double Decker Bus (SBS3332Z) so far.


Happy to be part of your every day (8)
“After your long day at school, let me drive you home.” -Parjo Bin Haron


Happy to be part of your every day (9)
“Your morning meetings are high on my agenda too.” -Tan Kwee Chu


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  • 17 February 2024 at 12:13 PM

    Quite biased ah the ads no Go Ahead or Tower Transit at all..


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