Route Extension of Bus 386 along Edgedale Plains

Poster for Route Extension to Edgedale Plains End
Poster for Route Extension to Edgedale Plains End

Bus Service 386‘s route will be extended from Sunday, 24 April 2016, to serve new and upcoming developments along Edgedale Plains.

Bus 386 will call at two additional bus stops outside Blk 682A and Blk 681A along the northern tip of Edgedale Plains. Similar to the pair of bus stops along Edgefield Plains outside Blk 672A and Blk 670A, buses going towards Punggol East will call at Blk 682A, while buses going towards Punggol Bus interchange will call at Blk 681A.

This is the second route extension to the bus service, which was introduced on 17 August 2014 under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). Initially running between Punggol Bus Interchange and new estates along Edgefield Plains, it was extended to Punggol East on 14 February 2015 to provide additional connectivity between estates and amenities.

This route extension will cater to the upcoming Build-To-Order flats along Edgedale Plains such as Waterway Sundew, which comprises 7 blocks and 837 housing units. It is estimated to receive its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) in June 2016. Another BTO project, Waterway View, will also be served by Bus Service 386 when it has TOP in September 2017, comprising 10 blocks and 1057 housing units.

In the future, Bus Service 386 is expected to be amended to ply a future road, parallel to Punggol Drive, connecting the northern tips of Edgefield Plains and Edgedale Plains.

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