Autonomous Bus Trial at Sentosa

The On-demand Autonomous Shuttle Public Trial at Sentosa will be fielded on a three-month trial from 26 August 2019 to 15 November 2019.

During the trial, commuters may hail the autonomous buses in Sentosa through a mobile app “Ride Now Sentosa”, or kiosks set up along the 5.7km shuttle route. The route serves several destinations in Sentosa such as Siloso Point, Beach Station, Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach and Sentosa Golf Club.


In June 2018, the autonomous bus trial was announced by Ministry of Transport (MOT), Sentosa Development and ST Engineering in which testing commenced with the autonomous vehicles between the service road at Tanjong Beach and thereafter between Palawan and Siloso beaches to iron out their operational systems and safety protocols.

The public trial was launched on Monday, 20 August 2019, at an event held at the Sentosa Golf Club.

Trial Vehicles

Four autonomous vehicles (AVs) will be deployed during the trial. They are:

The Navya Autonom Shuttle Bus only plies between Siloso Point – Palawan Beach Taxi Stand, via Beach Station.

Trial Details
Sentosa On-Demand Autonomous Bus Trial
26 August 2019 – 15 November 2019
Route Fixed route within Sentosa
Operating Hours 1000hrs – 1200hrs & 1400hrs – 1600hrs (Weekdays except Public Holidays)
Fare Free
Stopping Points

On-Demand Autonomous Bus Trial at Sentosa – Route Map (Image: ST Engineering)
  • Artillery Avenue
    – Sentosa Development Corporation Office
  • Bukit Manis Road
    – Sentosa Golf Club
  • Allanbrooke Road
    – Palawan Beach Taxi Stand
  • Tanjong Beach Walk
    – Tanjong Beach
  • Siloso Beach Walk
    – Beach Station (Towards Siloso)
    – Siloso Point
    – Beach Station (Towards Palawan)

The trial route covers both public and private roads. The private road between Siloso Point and Palawan Beach is access-restricted and used only by the Beach Tram and other service vehicles.

Mobile Application

Commuters may download the “Ride Now Sentosa” app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Kiosks at selected stopping points may also be used to hail the on-demand autonomous bus.

Safety Measures

Every autonomous vehicle on the route is manned by a safety driver who is trained to take over immediate control of the vehicle should the need arise.
The safety driver is further supported by a vehicle fault system that will immediately alert the safety driver of any faults, and cede control of the AV to the safety driver.

Safety Drivers for the trial are staffed by SBS Transit Bus Captains on the ST Autonom Bus.

In addition, all the AVs will use electronic signs to signal that they are operating autonomously, for easy recognition by road users and pedestrians.



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