Singapore’s Transport System

Singapore’s Transport System is made up of an extensive bus and train network and taxis. Public buses and trains are run by two public transport operators, SBS Transit and SMRT. Numerous private bus operators also run regular bus services, on top of charter services. Six taxi companies operate island-wide, with over 25 thousand taxis on the roads. The entire network is regulated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA.)

In the later part of 2016, two public bus operators, Tower Transit and Go-Ahead, will enter Singapore’s public bus system. They will take over operations of some bus services under the Government Contracting Model.

Riding public buses and trains is as simple flagging the bus at a bus stop, or entering the fare gates of a train station. Bus stops are clearly marked out with cyan bus stop poles with the transport symbol and bus logo. Bus services are listed on the bus stop pole. Train stations are easily identified by their station entrances, which indicate the station code and name, with the transport symbol and train logo.

Payment for transport can be done through contactless smart cards or cash. Only cards with the CEPAS logo are accepted.

When riding the bus, fares are paid upon boarding the bus by either tapping the contactless smart card on the fare reader, or by placing fares inside the coinbox. Do note that change is not provided for cash fares.

When riding the train, cash-paying commuters are to purchase a single-trip ticket from the Ticket Machines within the station premises to their destination. Tap the contactless smart card on the faregates to enter the train station.