Volvo B8L

Volvo B8L
Manufacturer Volvo Buses
Bodywork Wrightbus
Years in operation TBA
Operators TBA
Technical Data
Length 12 metre
Engine Volvo D8K
Transmission ZF EcoLife
Accessibility Low Floor
Emission Standard Euro VI (EGR + SCR)

The Volvo B8L is a low-floor double-decker city bus chassis built by Volvo Buses since 2016. It is the intended successor of the Volvo B9TL still currently in production. Two known prototypes are known to have been produced; the other currently operating in Hong Kong with Kowloon Motor Bus.

The B8L model designation indicates its (Bus chassis, 8-litre engine, Low floor) configuration. The bus will enter revenue service in the near future.


The Volvo B8L was conceived as the Euro VI (“Euro 6”) successor to the highly popular tri-axle Volvo B9TL which had been in production since 2002, an evolutionary step in line with rigorous emission standards within Europe.

Volvo’s new range of Euro VI-compliant diesel engines, the 5.1-litre Volvo D5K and 7.7-litre Volvo D8K, were launched in 2013 and found their way into new bus models, such as the Volvo B5TL (diesel) and Volvo B5LH (diesel-hybrid) double-deck city buses, and the Volvo B8R (coach) and Volvo B8RLE (low-entry) single deck buses. Volvo Buses would subsequently release more models of buses would to further strengthen their model offering in line for the Euro VI adoption.

However, in Asia (and particularly Singapore and Hong Kong), demand for the tri-axle Volvo B9TL remained strong where Euro VI emissions regulations (or their equivalents) had yet to take effect. In preparation for eventual Euro VI adoption, the Volvo B8L chassis was developed as a replacement for the tri-axle Volvo B9TL which only met up to Euro V emissions standards. However, production of Volvo B9TL has yet to officially cease.

The Volvo B8L is currently only produced as a 12-metre bus. The drivetrain comprises a Euro VI-compliant Volvo D8K engine with 280, 320 and 350-horsepower options. Transmission offerings have so far only included ZF, and likely compatible with Voith units.

The B8L is also known to be compatible with the Wright Eclipse Gemini bodywork range produced by Wrightbus. The Hong Kong model is bodied with the second-generation Eclipse Gemini 2 bodywork, while the Singapore model is bodied with the newer, third-generation Gemini 3 bodywork.

Volvo B8L:

The Volvo B8L in Singapore. Screengrab from Youtube.
The Volvo B8L in Singapore. Screengrab from Youtube.

This bus has yet to be registered and specifications are to be confirmed.

The first Volvo B8L in Singapore was one of two prototypes produced for initial testing ahead of mass production. The first unit entered trials with Hong Kong bus operator Kowloon Motor Bus in 2017. The Singapore unit has yet to enter service.

The only other B8L produced so far, operating in Hong Kong, is fitted with a Volvo D8K350 paired with a ZF EcoLife 6 AP 1600 BS transmission, which ZF also offers with rear axle steering as an option.

Basic Technical Specifications (To Be Confirmed)
Engine Volvo D8K, 7698cc
Power/torque rating to be confirmed
Emissions control Euro VI-compliant
Engine combines Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), hence requiring diesel exhaust fluids such as AdBlue
Transmission ZF EcoLife gearbox
Six-speed automated transmission
Bodywork Wrightbus Eclipse 3 Bodywork
Assembled by Wrightbus in Northern Ireland, shipped completely-built-up (CBU) to Singapore
EDS To Be Confirmed

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2 thoughts on “Volvo B8L

  • 11 December 2017 at 10:57 AM

    Bus is currently parked at Braddell Bus Park at the ComfortDelgro maintenance area. You can see it if you head to the maintenance area within Sparks Car Care.

  • 20 November 2017 at 7:14 AM

    With this new, in-line engine, double deck chassis design Volvo have finally gone away from the transverse engine with angle drive – a layout that originated with Leyland Atlantean, and continued with the Leyland and then Volvo Olympian and finally to the B9TL, currently in production.


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