Bukit Brown MRT Station

Bukit Brown
武吉布朗 | புக்கிட் பிரவுன்
Bukit Brown MRT Station - Surface Structures
Bukit Brown MRT Station – Surface Structures
490 Jalan Mashhor, Singapore 299176
Line Served   Circle Line
Operator SMRT Trains
Structure Underground
Platform Side
Opened Unopened Shell Station

Bukit Brown MRT Station is a currently unopened underground station along the Circle Line (CCL) Stage 4, located within the Mount Pleasant planning subzone. As a shell station, it is only used as an emergency access shaft, and a one-lane road (Jalan Mashor) serves the station facilities at surface level.

The station gets its name from the nearby Bukit Brown Cemetery, named after George Henry Brown, the first owner of the land, and was used as a Chinese burial ground between 1922 and 1973.

Only structural provisions have been made at Bukit Brown station, which will be refitted and opened only when the area is more developed. Currently, trains pass through its side platforms between Botanic Gardens and Caldecott stations without stopping. The station code CC18 is reserved for this station.

Track Layout

Circle Line:
 Circle Line towards towards CC29NE1 HarbourFront via CC19DT9 Botanic Gardens (→)
(Shell station platform – trains do not stop here)
MRT_rail (2)
MRT_rail (2)
MRT_rail (2)
(Shell station platform – trains do not stop here)
Circle Line towards CC1NS24NE6 Dhoby Ghaut via CC17 Caldecott (←)
Circle Line towards CE2NS27 Marina Bay via CC17 Caldecott (Peak Hour Alternate Trains) (←)

Bukit Brown station is built with two side platform provisions. The middle track is a cripple siding that is separated from view by the tunnel walls.


Circle Line Stage 4 (CCL4) Contract 854 for the Construction and Completion of Thomson, Adam and Farrer Stations, including Bukit Brown RTS Structure and Tunnels, was awarded to Taisei Corporation.

Future Developments

Major Incidents


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  • 20 September 2019 at 8:19 AM

    Build facilities near Bukit Brown. That way, the station will open.


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