Premium Bus Service 550

Premium Bus Service 550 is a Premium service operated by City Bus Services from Sengkang East Ave to Fullerton Rd. The route passes through Sengkang East Way, Sengkang West Way, Fernvale Lane, CTE and Cecil Street, operating several trips in the morning. The service was formally operated by SBS Transit.

Premium 550 is suspended until further notice.

Sengkang East Ave → Fullerton Rd
Opp Blk 101
Sengkang East Ave
Opp Blk 110
Punggol Rd
Blk 227D
Punggol Rd
Blk 231
Punggol Rd
Blk 235
Sengkang East Way
Blk 325 CP
Sengkang East Way
Blk 317B
Sengkang East Way
Opp Hockey Stadium
Sengkang East Way
Opp Blk 471A
Sengkang West Way
Blk 432A
Sengkang West Way
Lamp Post 24
Fernvale Rd
Fernvale Pr Sch
Sengkang West Ave
Blk 403A
Fernvale Lane
Opp Maritime Hse
Cantonment Rd
Tanjong Pagar Stn Exit C
Anson Rd
Opp GB Bldg
Cecil St
Prudential Twr
Cecil St
Fullerton Sq
Fullerton Rd


Technical Information
Sengkang East Ave (Opp Blk 101) → Fullerton Road (Fullerton Sq)
Passes Through Sengkang East Way, Sengkang West Way, Fernvale Lane, Cecil Street
Travelling Time 60 mins
Operator Information
Current Operator City Bus Services
Operator Contact
Departure Times from Sengkang East Ave
0720hrs – 0740hrs (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Frequency Unidirectional Service
10 mins

Premium 550 serves the housing estates of Sengkang Neighborhoods 1, 2, 3 and 4 with bus connections to the CBD, eliminating the hassle of transferring between different modes of transport.

In Jul 2015, operations for this service was transferred to Transcity Bus Services. An additional trip was added to cope with the fleet downsize from double-decker buses to private coaches. The route was shortened from Rivervale Dr to Sengkang East Ave, mainly due to the drop in demand as commuters along the 550-654 duplicate sector preferred the cheaper City Direct 654 for the ride to CBD. Fares for the premium service was also reduced, although they still remain higher than that of City Direct 654.

Departure Timings

Weekdays, except Public Holidays

  • From Sengkang East Ave (Opp Blk 101): 0720hrs, 0730hrs & 0740hr


The trip operated by the minibus will not call at Anson Road (Tanjong Pagar Stn Exit C).

  • Card (Adult) : $3.80
  • Cash: $4.00
  • Child: $2:00




Operator History
  • 25 Feb 2008 – 10 Jul 2015: SBS Transit Ltd
  • 13 Jul 2015 – ?: Transcity Bus Services
  • ? – Present: City Bus Service
  • 2008 (25 Feb): Introduced by SBS Transit Ltd as a Premium Service from Rivervale Dr → Fullerton Rd, with one trip departing at 0745hrs. Charges a flat fare of $3.60
  • 2009 (02 Feb): Departure time brought forward to 0740hrs
  • 2009 (01 Apr): Fare temporarily lowered to $3.40
  • 2009 (05 Oct): Amended to ply Cecil Street (previously Robinson Rd)
  • 2010 (01 Jul): Fare reinstated to $3.60
  • 2011 (27 Sep): Second departure introduced at 0730hrs
  • 2011 (08 Nov): Fare increased to $3.80
  • 2014 (04 Aug): Fare revised to $4.50
  • 2015 (13 Jul): Operations transferred to Transcity Bus Services. Route shortened to start from Sengkang East Ave.
    Additional AM trip added, Fare reduced to $3.80/$4.00
  • 2018 (09 Apr): Route amended to serve Sengkang East Way & Sengkang West Way. Operating timings revised from 0730, 0741 & 0747 to 0720, 0730 & 0740
  • ?: Additional trip added

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  • 11 September 2018 at 10:18 AM

    Will bus 550 be stopping at Fullerton Square bus stop during the F1 grand prix?

  • 5 April 2018 at 8:00 AM

    There’s a new route starting 9 Apr 18, can you update it?

    • 5 April 2018 at 8:25 AM

      The article has already been updated to the new route effective 9th April 2018.


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