Compassvale Bus Interchange

Compassvale Bus Interchange, initially referred to as the Sengkang Bus Interchange Expansion, is located within Sengkang Town Centre and right next to the Sengkang Integrated Transport Hub. It is situated adjacent to the site of the old Sengkang Temporary Bus Interchange, which was demolished in 2003 after operations of the air-conditioned Sengkang Bus Interchange commenced.

Name Compassvale Bus Interchange  | 康埔桦巴士转换站
Address 51A Compassvale Road, Singapore 544760
BCM Route Package Sengkang – Hougang Bus Package (Anchor Operator)
Anchor Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Bus Routes 1 (SBST), 1 (SMRT)
Berths 2 boarding berths | 1 alighting berth
Rail Connection  NE16  STC  Sengkang

Compassvale Bus Interchange, located opposite Sengkang Bus Interchange, was built to increase the capacity of the existing interchange and intended to cater to an additional 4 to 5 new bus services in tandem with the growth of Sengkang New Town. It is bordered by Compassvale Road, Sengkang East Way and Sengkang Square.

The interchange contains 1 alighting berth and 2 boarding berths with queue lines. The concourse is equipped with interchange offices, driver’s lounge, toilets, and provisions for a canteen, along with other ancillary rooms. The bus park consists of 12 bus parking lots, along with motorcycle parking.

A combined vehicular entrance/exit leads to Compassvale Road, with another vehicular exit along Sengkang Square. Commuters can also access the interchange via Compassvale Road and Sengkang Square. The interchange is connected to Sengkang Bus Interchange and Sengkang MRT/LRT Station via an overhead bridge across Sengkang Square.

In mid-February 2017, drivers underwent familiarisation sessions at the interchange. The interchange started operations on 12 March 2017 with the introduction of Service 374. The second bus route, Service 110, was introduced on 22 October 2017.

Compassvale Bus Interchange - Alighting berth
Compassvale Bus Interchange – Alighting berth
Interchange facilities:
  • Interchange office (SBST)
  • Ticket Office provision
  • Drivers’ lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards & Bus departure timing screens
  • Service guide racks
  • Nursing Rooms with diaper changing facilities
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Toilets
Bus Services:
Service Berth Destination Remarks
110 B2 ↺ Changi Airport
374 B1 ↺ Fernvale Road


Berth Services
A1 For Alighting Only
B1 374, Sengkang LRT Rail Bridging Service (East Loop)
B2 110, Sengkang LRT Rail Bridging Service (West Loop)


In late November 2014, LTA formally announced the expansion of Sengkang Interchange. Covering 8,100 square metres, this extension would be located at Compassvale Road, directly opposite the main bus exit from the original Interchange. The construction tender (RD 285 – Expansion of Sengkang Bus Interchange) was awarded to W’ray Construction Pte Ltd for a fee of SGD 7,686,223.00.

The Sengkang Bus Interchange Extension would consist of 12 bus parking lots, passenger boarding and alighting facilities, a concourse area, offices, a staff lounge and a canteen. The existing overhead bridge which connects the existing Interchange with the bus stop along Compassvale Road will also connect the present bus interchange to the extension.

Originally scheduled to be operational by Q3 2015, the construction of the extension was delayed and only started in January 2016. It was completed in late 2016.

Location of Sengkang Bus Interchange Extension. Photo: LTA
Location of Sengkang Bus Interchange Extension. Photo: LTA

Most, if not all bus services from the main Sengkang Bus Interchange are likely to remain there as the new annexe would cater to about 4 to 5 future Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) services, of which the main Sengkang Bus Interchange complex does not have enough parking lots to cater to these future new services.

The land which the new annexe sits on is designated as a reserve site, according to URA’s 2014 Master Plan. It is also the next to the site of the former Sengkang Bus Interchange, before the current Integrated Transport Hub was built.

All services from the main Sengkang Bus Interchange would remain there as the route extension would cater to about 4 to 5 future Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) services in which the main Sengkang Bus Interchange complex does not have enough parking lots to cater to these future new services. Currently, Sengkang Bus Interchange has just 16 bus parking lots.

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  • 14 April 2024 at 10:16 AM

    Sure will be replaced by Buangkok ITH, 83, 110, 965, 156 amend there and 374 go back to Sengkang.

  • 16 March 2024 at 5:46 PM

    Uhhh there’s only 2 bus services it’s slightly more useful than Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange bc TCBI only has 1 bus (39) why does this exist

    • 17 May 2024 at 12:28 AM

      prob due to buses shifting out when some buses no longer ply the interchange (eg bus 22 used to ply Tampines Int but was shortened to Eunos, hence free up 1 slot for Tamp Int) another possibility is due to low usage. these interchanges will usually cater to bus services which can’t fit the existing int


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