EVA Air Hello Kitty Bus

Featuring SBS3887P, the fully decorated Hello Kitty double-decker bus

Taiwanese carrier EVA Airways launched a advertising campaign on SBS Transit buses to promote their new Hello Kitty themed airplanes for Singapore commercial flight routes, which were launched on 21 June 2015 on the Singapore – Taipei – North America route. Prior to this date, EVA Airways had been running other Hello Kitty themed airplanes on various other flight routes, including occasional landings in Singapore for chartered flights.

On 21 May 2015, EVA Airways released a sneak peak of their advertisement concept bus on their Facebook page. Photos of the featured bus, SBS3887P, a Volvo B9TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini II body, were released the day after.

If you’re out and about this weekend (or even the next or the next 12 weeks!) try and spot our ‪#‎EVAAir‬‘s Hello Kitty double decker bus that’s on the roads right now! This is the 1st ever Double-decker concept bus in Singapore and we are excited to have you be a part of it!

Snap a picture of the bus or the interior of the bus (of course, selfies in the bus are welcome too!) and Instagram it with the hashtag‪#‎EVAAirHelloKittyBus‬ to enter our EVA Air Hello Kitty Bus Contest that will be happening from now till August 6 2015.We are giving away exclusive EVA Air Hello Kitty Goodie Bags to 3 weekly winners and ALL submissions stand a chance to win 1x EVA Air flight ticket to USA and 1x EVA Air flight ticket to Taiwan on our spanking new Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet! Time to go for a hunt, we reckon. Good Luck!

(EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空 Facebook, 22 May 2015)

SBS3887P – The Concept Bus

The windows, walls, ceilings and floor of this double-decker bus is adorned with Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters, and its colorful interior makes it hard to go unnoticed. The concept bus is permanently deployed on Service 14 under SBS Transit’s Bedok North Depot on a daily basis, and made its first stint with its full advertisement in late May. The bus has also appeared on bus services 154 and 196 as well.

^ SBS3887P – The only SBS Transit Hello Kitty double-deck concept bus.

Upper Deck:

The upper deck sports a blue theme with stickers covering most visible surfaces, including the central aisle, roof and air-conditioning ducts, side pillars, side panels and the back of seats, offering a high degree of advertising coverage.

Upper Deck – Front to back

Upper Deck – Back to Front

Back to Front in daylight

Roof sticker

Rear – left side

Rear – right side


Lower Deck:

The lower deck sports a pink theme on most visible surfaces, including the central aisle, roof, side pillars and side panels, offering a high degree of advertising coverage.

Front aisle

Electronics Panel cover

Lower Deck rear seating

Lower Deck – Rear to Front

Wheelchair Bay

Rear door area
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFpmkc-dzd0]



Blue stickers line the walls and flooring of the staircase, complimenting the blue theme of the upper deck.

Lower deck view

Upper deck view

Full height view



Exiting Bedok Interchange
Outside The Tanamera Condo

Along Nicoll Highway



Secondary advertising on single-deck buses

Eight other single-decker Scania K230UB buses were pasted without the interior advertisement and were deployed on different services. The registration plates and their respective bus services can be found below.

  • SBS3887P – 14 (Double-Decker concept bus)
  • SBS8179S – 130
  • SBS8205A – 39
  • SBS8262J – 36
  • SBS8530K – 12
  • SBS8682E – 10
  • SBS8840R – 31
  • SBS8927A – 62
  • SBS8957M – 154

Front shot

Rear shot

EVA Air is also running a Photo Contest from 22 May to 6 August 2015 for its fans. Participants could stand a chance to win EVA Air Hello Kitty Goodie Bags (3 weekly winners) as well as EVA Air Flight Tickets to USA and Taiwan on the new Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet, by uploading photos of the Hello Kitty Bus advertisement with the hashtag #EVAAirHelloKittyBus on Instagram.


Note: Pictures featured in this article are copyright of their respective owners and not intended for third party submission to the EVA Air Hello Kitty Bus Contest. Doing so is dishonest and an infringement of copyright.


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