(Defunct) Causeway Link Bus Service TD1

Causeway Link TD1 is a shuttle bus service connecting JB Sentral and Twin Danga Residences. The service is offered to residents only and presently operated by Causeway Link.

Route Information
Route Twin Danga Residences ↔ JB Sentral Bus Terminal
Passes Through Express service
Fare NA
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Departure Times from JB Sentral Daily: 0500hrs–2130hrs
Departure Times from Twin Danga Residences
Daily: 0545hrs–2215hrs


From Twin Danga Residence:

0500hrs; 0630hrs; 0800hrs; 0930hrs; 1100hrs; 1230hrs; 1400hrs; 1530hrs; 1700hrs; 1830hrs; 2000hrs; 2130hrs

From JB Sentral Bus Terminal:

0545hrs; 0715hrs; 0845hrs; 1015hrs; 1145hrs; 1315hrs; 1445hrs; 1615hrs; 1745hrs; 1915hrs; 2045hrs; 2215hrs

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