(Defunct) Lim Chu Kang Bus Terminal

Lim Chu Kang Bus Terminal is a defunct bus terminal located at the end of Lim Chu Kang Road. It is used as a turnaround point for Service 975, and serves Lim Chu Kang Jetty and a Police Coast Guard base.

Turnaround point for buses


Name: Lim Chu Kang Bus Terminal | 林厝港巴士终站
Service area: Lim Chu Kang
Address: –
Principal operator: –
MRT Station: –
Berths: –
Bus services: 1 (SMRT)


In the 1980s, Lim Chu Kang Road End Bus Terminal was served by Service 172 and 206 which terminated there. In 1993, a new Service 175 was introduced there and 206 was withdrawn shortly after. When 172 was shortened to Chua Chu Kang in 1999, 175 became the only bus service to use the terminal. On that same day, 172 and 175 were transferred from SBS to TIBS.

Service 175 needed Lim Chu Kang as a terminus because it looped at Upper Bukit Timah Road. When 175 was amended to terminate at Bukit Panjang Interchange and renumbered as 975 in 2005, the terminal was downgraded to a single bus stop. Today, the bus stop serves as a turnaround point for Service 975, but still carries the name Lim Chu Kang Bus Terminal. As a bonus, a portable toilet is permanently stationed there for bus drivers and members of the public.

In 2013, the bus stop was renamed to B00 Lim Chu Kang Road, Police Coast Guard (and subsequently changed to B01A). Service 975 continues to serve the bus stop; however the Lim Chu Kang Ter name was no longer used.

Bus Services:

Service Destination Notes
975 Bukit Panjang Looping point



Bus Stop shelter and portable toilet
An obsolete sign on the left reads “No parking except SMRT Buses”


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2 thoughts on “(Defunct) Lim Chu Kang Bus Terminal

  • 11 March 2022 at 1:13 AM

    172 was amended from Lim Chu Kang to Boon Lay in Jan 1993 and in Jul 1993 175 was introduced and 206 was withdrawn. Originally their plan was to convert 206 into a peak hour service and skip the Old CCK Road (end) potion but in the end they decided to withdrew 206 and introduce 405 instead.

  • 22 October 2021 at 11:50 AM

    Maybe 405 can extend here


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