NUS Internal Shuttle Bus D2

NUS Internal Shuttle Bus D2 is an NUS Internal Shuttle Bus route operating within National University of Singapore (Kent Ridge Campus). The route links Prince George’s Park Terminal and University Town via Kent Ridge MRT, Faculty of Science and Yusof Ishak House.

ISB D2 was amended to start and end at TCOMS from 13 May 2019, in lieu of the closure of CP11 (BIZ) Bus Stop.

Prince George's Park Terminal
↺ University Town (Loop)
Prince George's Park Terminal Prince George's Park
18331 Kent Ridge Stn Exit A/NUH CC24 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18301 Lim Seng Tjoe Bldg (LT 27) Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18311 Blk S12 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18321 Opp University Health Ctr Lower Kent Ridge Rd
16161 NUS Museums Kent Ridge Cres
University Town College Link
18329 University Health Ctr Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18319 Opp University Hall Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18309 Blk S17 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
18339 Opp Kent Ridge Stn Exit A CC24 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
Prince George's Park Residences Prince George's Park

At Prince George’s Park driveway (next to Block 27), only alighting is allowed.

Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Prince George’s Park (TCOMS) ↺ University Town (Loop)
Passes Through Lower Kent Ridge Road, College Link
Operator Information
Current Operator ComfortDelGro Bus Pte Ltd
Current Fleet Volvo B9L single-deck buses
Departure Times from PGP
0715hrs — 2300hrs (Weekdays and Saturdays)
0915hrs — 2300hrs (Sundays and Public Holidays)
Frequency School Term Vacation
Weekdays 0715—1000: 7—9 mins
1000—1200: 10—12 mins
1200—1400: 7—9 mins
1400—1700: 10—12 mins
1700—2000: 6—8 mins
2000—2300: 15 mins
0715—1000: 10—12 mins
1000—1200: 12—14 mins
1200—1400: 10—12 mins
1400—1700: 12—14 mins
1700—1900: 10—12 mins
1900—2300: 30 mins
Saturdays 0715—2000: 15 mins
2000—2300: 30 mins
0715—1900: 15 mins
1900—2300: 30 mins

0915hrs – 2300hrs

0900—2300: 30 mins 0900—2300: 30 mins


  • Introduced as route D between NUS Business School and Faculty of Science
  • 2010: Extended to serve UTown, split into routes D1 and D2.
  • 2013: Extended to Prince George’s Park, no longer operates as a continuous loop route, D1 and D2 are now different routes
  • 2019 (13 May): Amended to start at Opp TCOMS and end at TCOMS due to closure of CP11 (Biz) Bus Stop.


4 thoughts on “NUS Internal Shuttle Bus D2

  • 19 July 2018 at 5:26 PM

    HI there,

    May I know the exact route for UT-FOS and UT-CLB?

    I understand that the bus stops stated are:

    UT-FOS – UTown, LT29, UTown
    UT-CLB – UTown, CLB, UTown

    So where exactly do they start and end?
    Eg) Carpark 11, KR terminal or PGP terminal?

  • 12 July 2018 at 6:07 PM

    Um so does the service continue to the terminal after the “stop 12”?

    • 13 July 2018 at 6:52 PM

      NUS Bus D2 terminates at Carpark 11, which is an alighting-only station. Hence, the first stop is Prince George’s Park Terminal, while its start/end point is Carpark 11.

  • 6 April 2018 at 2:31 AM

    Pls review the frequency interval of the internal bus thx. Esp D2


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