oBike Ceases Operations in Singapore

On Monday, 25 June 2018, uses whom opened up the oBike app received a notification regarding oBike ceasing operations with immediate effect.

oBike is announcing its decision to cease operation in Singapore as a result of difficulties foreseen to be experienced to fulfil the new requirements and guidelines released by Land Transport Authority(LTA) towards dock-less bicycle sharing in Singapore. oBike strongly believes and is committed to provide dock-less bicycle sharing service that would benefit users’ commuting and Singapore’s transportation system, however it is with regret that the new regulation measures do not favour this belief of ours. This decision will not affect oBike’s operation in anyway in countries outside of Singapore.
oBike in Singapore will stop operation from 25th June 2018. All oBike users who currently possess an oBike Super VIP(SVIP) membership will still be able to use oBike services in all other oBike operating countries except for Singapore.
For users who still wish to use oBike services in Singapore can continue to do so with GrabCycle, which is a partner of oBike. Users are advised to contact GrabCycle directly for further enquiries regarding the respective oBike services.
oBike would like to express its sincerest appreciation to more than 1 million users in Singapore that have supported its services and products since oBike’s launch in January 2017.

Users who wish to use oBike after 25 June 2018 are required to unlock the bike via GrabCycle app.

The passing of the Parking Places (Amendment) Bill in May 2018 require Bike-sharing operators to submit applications for a two-year licence to operate in public places by 7 July 2018 and ensure that users scan the unique QR code at the various designated parking locations before ending their trip. Users whom fail to do so will continue to be charged for their trip. These measures are part of Government measures to curb irresponsible parking and regulate the bike-sharing industry.

oBike’s exit of the Singapore market comes a week earlier than GBikes, whom also indicated that they would be ceasing operations from 7 July 2018.

Grab’s Response

Marketplace partner update (oBike)
You may have heard the news that oBike is ceasing their operations in Singapore. From today, oBike will no longer be available on our platform. Here are some frequently asked questions that users may have:
Q: What will happen to my existing GrabCycle subscription and deposit?
We will be waiving your active subscription fee and processing the refund of your deposit, if any, by 26th June. Refunds will be received via the payment method you used. If paid by GrabPay Credits, it will be returned to your GrabPay wallet. If paid by credit card, it will reflect in your account once processed by your bank / other institutions. This may take a few working days depending on the bank or the institution.
Q: What will happen to my oBike deposit?
As GrabCycle does not collect oBike’s deposits, for queries on your oBike deposit and transactions, please contact them at
Q: Can I still sign up with GrabCycle?
Thank you for your interest in signing up with GrabCycle. We have temporarily stopped new user sign up to preserve the experience for existing users. We are actively bringing on more bikes onto our platform and will open up for new user sign up soon. Check back for updates!


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