Permas Jaya Bus Terminal

Permas Jaya Bus Terminal is a bus terminal located in the housing estate and industrial area of Permas Jaya, Malaysia, east of Johor Bahru. The small terminal only serves local Johor Bahru bus routes.

^ Permas Jaya Bus Terminal


Name: Permas Jaya Bus Terminal | Terminal Bas Permas Jaya
Service area: Permas Jaya town
Address: —
Principal operator: JB local bus operators
Berths: NA

The Terminal:

Occupying a long-disused petrol kiosk, Permas Jaya Bus Terminal is a terminating point for bus services between JB Sentral and the Permas Jaya neighbourhood. It features no distinct berths; buses simply occupy whatever space available there. There are no passenger facilities at the terminal.

Bus Services:

The terminal serves local bus services to JB Sentral.

Bus Service Destination via Bus Operator
JB Sentral AEON Permas Jaya, Mid Valley Southkey, Stulang Laut Causeway Link

123 JB Sentral Sri Stulang, Taman Pelangi, Stulang Laut City Bus


Click for larger images:

Terminal front view

Terminal rear view

City Bus and S&S buses

Terminal side view

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