(Defunct) Taman Jurong Bus Terminal

Taman Jurong Bus Terminal (2013 – 2015) was a former roadside terminal located along Hu Ching Road, located near Yuan Ching Road and Corporation Drive. It served as a layover point for Bus Service 49, which served the Taman Jurong, including the nearby Jurong Secondary School and the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

The terminal has since been demolished, and Hu Ching Road has been realigned, with no traces for the former roadside bus bays.


Name Taman Jurong Bus Terminal | 达曼裕廊巴士终站
Address Taman Jurong Bus Terminal, Hu Ching Road, Singapore 619651
BCM Route Package Not Applicable
Anchor Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Bus Routes 1 (SBS Transit)
Rail Connection Not Applicable


Taman Jurong Bus Terminal was a roadside bus terminal catered for the introduction of Service 49. Roadside bus terminals were commonplace in the early years of Singapore’s development, until the 1980s when they were gradually abolished in favour of larger regional interchanges constructed at town centres, where more bus services brought greater connectivity. Ever since the last roadside terminals were built in the early 1980s, none were built again until the construction of Taman Jurong Bus Terminal.

This terminal started operations on 14 December 2013, along with the introduction of Service 49. No boarding and alighting activities were allowed at this terminal. With the route extension of Service 49, the terminal had its last day of operations on 21 November 2015 and ceased operations the day after when Service 49 was extended to Jurong East Bus Interchange.

During its operating life, Taman Jurong Bus Terminal was the third roadside bus terminal in Singapore while in operation, the other two being Ghim Moh Terminal and Sims Place Terminal, which have survived from the 1970s.


Taman Jurong Bus Terminal consisted of a single bus stop, an operator kiosk/driver’s lounge, a toilet, and parking lots along the road.

Bus Services (Former):

Service Destination Notes
49 ↺ Jurong West Street 42 14 Dec 2013 to 21 Nov 2015


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