Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal is a roadside bus terminal located along Ghim Moh Road, opposite Blk 20 Market & Hawker Centre and near Ulu Pandan Community Centre. One of a handful of roadside bus terminals in Singapore, this terminal serves the small housing estate of Ghim Moh.

Currently, SBS Transit is the anchor operator of Ghim Moh Bus Terminal. With the rollout of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM), the future operator of the Clementi Bus Package will take over as the anchor operator of this terminal.

The terminal may be relocated north to Mount Sinai Road in the near future. Plans were released in 2021 detailing the construction of a temporary bus terminal at the current Ministry of Education (Mount Sinai) site. This site is used to facilitate bus turnaround to the existing Ghim Moh bus terminal from 10 September 2023.


Name Ghim Moh Bus Terminal  |  锦茂巴士终站
Address 150A Ghim Moh Road, Singapore 279624
BCM Route Package Clementi Bus Package
Anchor Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Bus Routes 4 (SBS Transit)
Rail Connection  EW21  CC22   Buona Vista
Terminal Facilities & Operations

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal is a roadside terminal along the southbound direction of Ghim Moh Road, with six roadside bays for bus layovers. A sheltered bus stop functions as the waiting area, and SBS Transit operates out of a container office that doubles as a driver’s lounge.

Adjacent to the terminal, there is a cul-de-sac that serves as a turnaround point for buses entering Ghim Moh from Commonwealth Avenue West, as well as additional bus parking space. An alighting stop is also provided for passengers alighting from Bus Services 100 and 111. To accommodate the construction of HDB Ghim Moh Ascent, the turnaround point was closed on 10 September 2023 and relocated north to 53 Mount Sinai Road.

Bus Services 92 and 92M practice CLOWbus (for crew layover without bus) at Ghim Moh Terminal. This allows bus drivers to be substituted between trips while passengers can remain onboard the bus, and continue their journey beyond the bus terminal without having to alight or change buses.

Historical Background:

Before bus routes in Singapore were consolidated to operate between major bus interchanges, roadside bus terminals were very common, especially in the seventies. Ghim Moh Bus Terminal was no exception and opened in the late 1970s to complement the building of Ghim Moh Estate. The terminal was situated adjacent to HDB Blocks 9 and 10.

In 1986, the bus terminal was relocated to a bus bay outside Block 9 along Ghim Moh Road when the existing bus terminal was converted into an HDB car park. One of the car park entrances was sealed off, forming a cul-de-sac that functions as a turnabout point for buses entering from Commonwealth Avenue West. An alighting stop was also located at this turnaround point. Due to limited land space and possibly a lack of a pressing need, a permanent terminal was never constructed for Ghim Moh.

In December 2006, the HDB announced the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) for Blocks 9, 9A, 10, 11, 12 and 12A, located east of Ghim Moh Ter. These HDB flats were vacated in early 2012 and later torn down, leaving a large vacant plot of land adjacent to the bus terminal. The site would be redeveloped into new HDB flats (Ghim Moh Ascent) necessitating the relocation of the existing turnaround point. Plans were also made to relocate the terminal further north as indicated in building approvals published by the Building and Construction Authority.

On 10 September 2023, the turnaround point was relocated further north to 53 Mount Sinai Road, the site of the Ministry Of Education HQ (Mount Sinai). Bus Services 100 & 111 towards Ghim Moh were extended to terminate at Ghim Moh Road (Blk 7) and serve a new bus stop constructed opposite the existing terminal, Ghim Moh Rd (Opp Ghim Moh Ter). No alighting would be allowed at Ghim Moh Ter henceforth for services 100 and 111.

Future Relocation to 53 Mount Sinai Road

In June 2021, plans were approved by the Building and Construction Authority for “Proposed new erection of a single-storey temporary bus terminal MK04 on Lot 03354A PT, 04048L PT, 06215X PT, 06243A PT & 98584C PT at Ghim Moh Road” (Project Reference No. E3889-00002-2019-BP02). Highlighted in yellow on the following diagrams is the maximum extent of the five land lots in yellow; the actual terminal is not expected to cover the full extent of these land lots.

These land lots currently make up the car park of the Ministry of Education Headquarters (Mount Sinai), at 53 Mount Sinai Road. The premises were also the site of the former Eunoia Junior College. Buses will use this as a turnaround point from 10 September 2023, as the alighting and turnaround point for Ghim Moh Bus Terminal will be closed for redevelopment works as part of HDB Ghim Moh Ascent.

In addition, planning approval for a bus stop outside Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre was approved in May 2021, to serve as the replacement for Ghim Moh Ter’s alighting stop (Bus Stop 11001 – Opp Ghim Moh Ter, Ghim Moh Rd).

Bus Services

Service Destination Remarks
92 ↺ Science Park Drive No operation on Sundays / Public Holidays
92M ↺ North Buona Vista Road Only on Sundays / Public Holidays
↺ Science Park Drive Weekdays & Saturdays
Terminating Trip
↺ North Buona Vista Road Sundays / Public Holidays
Terminating Trip
100 Serangoon
111 ↺ Temasek Avenue

Gallery (Mar 2021)

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  • 1 April 2024 at 3:36 PM

    Buona Vista bus terminal might be demolished when Beauty World ITH opens
    Ghim Moh Terminal as well might be demolished

    Services amendments:
    Service 32 (Bedok ITH to Clementi ITH)
    Service 48 (Bedok North Depot to Kent Ridge Terminal, Merging with service 95) (scv 95 will be withdrawn)
    Service 74 (Hougang Central to Beauty World) (74 might shorten to start from Beauty World ITH and loop at Turf City MRT under the CRL Bus Changes part 2) (Lost sectors from Clementi to Buona Vista to be covered by Service 111 Which will be extended to Beauty World ITH to cover up lost sectors of service 74)
    Service 91 (Withdrawn, 91 will be merged with service 191)
    Service 92 (Beauty World ITH to Commonwealth Drive Loop passing via Clementi Rd, Mount Sinai, Buona Vista, One North, Portsdown & Tanglin Halt Road) (Lost sectors of 92 will be replaced by service 191)
    Service 92M (Withdrawn)
    Service 100 (Serangoon ITH to Beauty World ITH) (Scv 100 will ply Farrer, Bukit Timah Road when it will extend to Beauty World ITH , lost sectors to replaced by service 111)
    Service 111 (Beauty World ITH to Hougang Central via Clementi Rd, Dover, Tanglin, Orchard, ECP, Eunos MRT & Defu) (111 will extend to Hougang Ctrl to have a faster link from Marina Ctr to Eunos & Hougang)
    Service 145 (Toa Payoh ITH to Clementi ITH)
    Service 185 (Soon Lee Depot to Tiong Bahru ITH)
    Service 191 (Beauty World ITH to Shenton Way Terminal passing via Bt Timah, Old Holland Rd, Buona Vista, Ayer Rajah Estate(Both Directions), Science Park Drive, AYE & Keppel Road
    Service 200 (Bukit Batok Depot to Kent Ridge Terminal passing via Lorong Kismis, Upp Bt Timah, Hillview, Dairy Farm, BKE/PIE, Eng Neo, Sixth Avenue, Ghim Moh, Buona Vista & Pasir Panjang)


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