Contract J151 Trains

Contract J151
In service 2026 onwards
Manufacturer To Be Awarded
Constructed To Be Awarded
Number built TBC vehicles (TBC trainsets)
Formation 3 cars per trainset, provision for 4 cars per trainset
Fleet number
Depot(s) Tengah, Peng Kang Hill
Line served Jurong Region Line (JRL)
Technical Data
Car body TBC
Doors TBC per car
Electrification Third rail
Track gauge TBC

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) called for a tender (Contract J151 – Trains for Jurong Region Line) on 10 December 2018 to procure a number of 3-car trains for the Jurong Region Line (JRL).

The Contract is likely to include an option for the purchase, delivery and modification of the 3-car trainsets to a 4-car trainset.


Each JRL Train car will be at a length of 18.6m and width of 2.75m, with a capacity of between 150 to 200 commuters.


The tender for the Contract J151 Trains closed on 13 June 2019, at 12:00pm sharp, after being extended multiple times from 8 April 2019, 6 May 2019 and 30 May 2019.

As of tender closing time, participating companies were:

S/N Tenderer Tender Amount
1 Alstom Transporte S.A. – Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd Consortium
2 Bombardier (Singapore) Pte Ltd
3 Hyundai Rotem Company
4 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. – CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. – Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. – Singapore CRRC Sifang Railway Vehicles Service Pte. Ltd. Consortium



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9 thoughts on “Contract J151 Trains

  • 1 October 2019 at 5:57 PM

    I hope Bombardier wins this project. I liked their trains on DTL, very quite and comfortable.


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