Hyundai Rotem J151

Hyundai Rotem J151
Hyundai Rotem J151 Train Artist Impression – Interior (Image: LTA)
In service 2027 onwards
Manufacturer Hyundai Rotem
Number built 186 vehicles (62 trainsets)
Formation 3 cars per trainset, provision for 4 cars per trainset
Fleet number 3001 – 3062
Depot(s) Tengah, Peng Kang Hill
Line served Jurong Region Line (JRL)
Technical Data
Car body TBC
Doors 6 per car
Electrification Third Rail
Track gauge TBC

The Hyundai Rotem J151 train is a light metro electric multiple unit (EMU) train operating on the future Jurong Region Line (JRL). Projected to enter service in 2027, these are the JRL’s first generation of rolling stock.

Sixty-two (62) trains were procured, with each train formed of three cars. Trains were wholly designed and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem Company (HRC) in South Korea, and the company would also provide long-term service support to the future JRL operator as necessary. The first train is expected to arrive in Singapore around mid-2024.


Awarded to Korean rolling stock manufacturer firm Hyundai Rotem Company (HRC) in February 2020, Contract J151 (simply referred to as J151) for the procurement of rolling stock called for 62 trainsets of three cars each, at a total value of S$416.5 million. This is the first time that HRC is supplying new trains for the Singapore market.

Since the JRL infrastructure is built to support 4-car trains, it is likely that the 3-car J151 trains will be capable of being modified into 4-car trains in the future. HRC may also be required to provide long-term service support to the operator of the JRL, as was the case for rolling stock procurement on other train lines.


The J151 trains for the JRL have carriages that are smaller than that of existing heavy rail lines, allowing for greater manoeuvrability on tracks. Each train car will be 18.6 metres in length and 2.75 metres in width, as compared to 23.6 m by 3.2 m on the Circle Line.

To facilitate easy boarding and alighting, each train car will have three wide doors on each side. At a width of 1.5 metres, these doors are wider than trains on existing MRT lines. Trains will also be designed with spaces for wheelchairs and strollers.

On the technical side, JRL trains will be fitted with an onboard backup power supply that allows the train to be driven to the nearest station should there be a power failure, thus improving accident recovery time. JRL trains are also equipped with advanced condition monitoring and diagnostic systems to detect train faults, with some trains being additionally equipped with an Automated Track Inspection system to monitor the real-time condition of the running rail for defects. This enables the rail operator to adopt a more preventive and predictive maintenance regime.

JRL trains are also designed around various existing suppliers of sub-systems (such as train doors) of other trains in Singapore, which allows for a greater commonality of spare parts, and enables more efficient and responsive maintenance support.


The tender for the Contract J151 Trains closed on 13 June 2019 at 12:00 pm, after being extended multiple times from 8 April 2019, 6 May 2019 and 30 May 2019.

As of the tender closing time, participating companies were:

S/N Tenderer Tender Amount
1 Alstom Transporte S.A. – Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd Consortium SGD 566,491,507.00
2 Bombardier (Singapore) Pte Ltd SGD 546,619,188.80
3 Hyundai Rotem Company SGD 397,800,000.00*
4 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. – CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. – Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. – Singapore CRRC Sifang Railway Vehicles Service Pte. Ltd. Consortium SGD 446,028,000.00


  • * – Discrepancy between words & figure
  • The eventual amount awarded to Hyundai Rotem Company as announced by LTA is SGD 416,499,000.00

Train Formation

Every car is identified by a five digit number ranging from 3001x to 3062x, where the last digit x is carriage identifier.

Mock-up Train Display & Online Survey

In July 2021, a mock-up cabin of a Hyundai Rotem J151 Train was displayed at the Land Transport Authority’s Hampshire Office. Members of the public may vote on their preferred designs & colour scheme through an online form by 20 August 2021.

Virtual Tour Video

Freight Transport in South Korea

In May 2023, one completed J151 Train was spotted on haul in South Korea.




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    The new front mostly the same design as Delhi Metro Pink/Magneta/Grey Line which is also built Hyundai Rotem.


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