ADL Enviro500 3-Door Concept Bus Q Model

In May 2019, 易搭製作 Easy Access Production launched the limited edition “ADL Enviro500 3-Door Concept Bus” QBus Model.

易搭製作 Easy Access Production retails a series of small model buses called QBuses. Local retailer Let’s Play sold the QBus Model at $25 each through pre-orders on Facebook. The models were quickly snapped up and they are no longer taking reservations.

The model is also sold by user “eap_sg” on Carousell at the same price. However, as of 6 May 2019, the first batch of model buses are sold out and the 2nd Batch of Qbus is expected to arrive by Mid-May.

As a limited edition item, only 550 ADL Enviro500 3-Door Concept Bus Q Models were produced by Easy Access Productions.

From 7 May 2019, the model is also sold for HKD 110 (SGD ~19) at various “80M Bus Model Shop” outlets in Hong Kong.


The limited edition bus (Model Number EAP18006) is decorated with the Lush Green livery and SG❤️BUS decals, but without any operator logo. The Electronic Destination Signs show the SG❤️BUS Logo on the front and side, while “Off Svc” at the rear.

Each bus comes on a plastic base plate, with a clear acetate display case and a colour card outer box. As part of the packaging, stickers for rim guards as well as the Electronic Destination Signs (Singapore Buses & Alexander Dennis Logo) are provided for users to customise their bus. In addition, a limited edition certification comes in the form of a paper card, stating its serial number (out of 550 buses produced).

Note: The figurines pictured are from LTA Transport Collectibles launched in March 2016. These figurines were given away for free as part of a publicity campaign leading up to the Our Bus Journey Carnivals, where the ADL Enviro500 3-Door Concept Bus was showcased to the public.

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2 thoughts on “ADL Enviro500 3-Door Concept Bus Q Model

  • 7 May 2019 at 3:51 PM

    I wonder does this have collectors’ value since it is not an official LTA/Alexander Dennis product neither it is an authorised LTA/Alexander Dennis product?

    • 14 May 2019 at 9:05 PM

      Probably, since there are so few models made of Singapore Buses(IINW, only the Volvo Olympian(SBS, 2002?), Alexander Dennis Enviro 500(SMRT, 2015, SMB5069E@960) and the MAN A95(LTA, 2016)), so this model will definitely have some collector’s value. And as of now it has run out in most places in Singapore(apart from Carousell resellers), although they are still available for purchase in Hong Kong at the 80m Bus Model shops.


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