SBS Transit Bus Service 198A

SBS Transit Bus Service 198A is a Short-Trip Service variant of Bus Service 198.

The route operates from Boon Lay Bus Interchange and ends at Jurong East Avenue 1 (Opp Parc Oasis), operating daily, in the evenings.

Boon Lay Int → Opp Parc Oasis
22009 Boon Lay Int EW27 Jurong West Ctrl 3
21361 Blk 695 Jln Boon Lay
21399 Opp River Valley High Sch Boon Lay Ave
21421 Blk 176 Boon Lay Ave
21241 Opp Blk 213 Boon Lay Ave
28539 Blk 538 Jurong West Ave 1
28409 Blk 454 Jurong West Ave 1
28529 Blk 441 Jurong West Ave 1
28519 Blk 425 Jurong West Ave 1
28509 Blk 422 Jurong West Ave 1
28499 Jurong Polyclinic Jurong East Ave 1
28469 Blk 316 Jurong East Ave 1
28459 Opp Parc Oasis Jurong East Ave 1
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px Boon Lay Bus InterchangeJurong East Avenue 1 (Opp Parc Oasis)
Passes Through Jurong West Avenue 1
Route Length 4.7 km
Journey Time ~ 30 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bukit Merah Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Soon Lee Bus Depot (SLBP)
Ulu Pandan Bus Depot (UPDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Bus:
– Volvo B9TL
Departure Times
Daily, from Boon Lay Interchange:
Weekdays: 1718hrs–2018hrs | 8–19 mins frequency
Saturday: 1645hrs–1858hrs | 20–30 mins frequency
Sundays: 1836hrs–2058hrs | 24–48 mins frequency

Short Trip Service 198A is a trunk service operating from Boon Lay Bus Interchange and ends at Jurong East Avenue 1 (Opp Parc Oasis).

As a Short-Trip Service, the route operates daily in the evenings, and supplements the high demand for Service 198 from Boon Lay Int/MRT, connecting to residential estates along Jurong East Avenue 1 and Jurong West Avenue 1.

Departure Timings
  • From Boon Lay Interchange:
    Weekdays: 1718hrs, 1735hrs, 1745hrs, 1754hrs, 1803hrs, 1818hrs, 1834hrs, 1848hrs, 1904hrs, 1912hrs, 1923hrs, 1935hrs, 1947hrs, 1959hrs & 2018hrs
    Saturdays: 1645hrs, 1715hrs, 1735hrs, 1756hrs, 1816hrs, 1837hrs & 1858hrs
    Sundays & Public Holidays: 1836hrs, 1924hrs, 1948hrs, 2012hrs & 2058hrs

Fare: Charges regular distance fares for trunk services. See Bus Fares.

MRT Station Served:

Operator History:

  • 2012 (06 Feb)  Present: SBS Transit Ltd

Route History:

  • 2012 (06 Feb): Introduced from Boon Lay Int to Jurong East Ave 1 (Opp Parc Oasis)
  • 2018 (18 Nov): Extended to operate on Saturdays (4.45pm to 6.55pm) and Sundays & Public Holidays (6.35pm to 8:55pm)

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