(Defunct) Tower Transit Bus Service 66A

Short Trip Service 66A was a Short-Trip Service variant of Bus Service 66.

The route operated from Bedok Bus Interchange and ended at Bukit Timah Road (Little India Stn Exit A), operating only on Sundays & Public Holidays. Service 66A was withdrawn on 29 May 2021, with the last day of operations being the Vesak Day public holiday on 26 May 2021.

Bedok Int
→ Little India Stn Exit A
84009 Bedok Int B2 EW5 Bedok Nth Dr
84359 Opp Bedok Ctrl PO Bedok Nth St 1
84211 Blk 403 Bedok Nth Ave 3
84521 Blk 506 Bedok Nth Ave 3
84201 Bedok Resvr Stn Exit A DT30 Bedok Nth Ave 3
84609 Waterfront Key Bedok Reservoir Rd
84639 Aft Waterfront Waves Bedok Reservoir Rd
84619 Waterfront Isle Bedok Reservoir Rd
84629 Blk 716 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84479 Blk 713 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84469 Blk 703 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84481 Aft Bedok Ind Pk C Bedok Reservoir Rd
84491 Blk 629 Bedok Reservoir Rd
72079 Blk 609 Bedok Reservoir Rd
72069 Blk 121 Bedok Reservoir Rd
72029 Opp Blk 646 Bedok Reservoir Rd
71099 Blk 311 Eunos Link
71139 Blk 302 Ubi Ave 2
71129 Ubi Stn Exit A DT27 Ubi Ave 2
71149 Blk 3024 Ubi Ave 2
71159 Blk 3026 Ubi Ave 2
71169 Aztech Bldg Ubi Ave 2
70379 Opp Macpherson Stn Exit A CC10DT26 Circuit Link
70201 Opp Macpherson Stn Exit D CC10DT26 Circuit Rd
70211 Blk 90 Pipit Rd
70221 Blk 79 FC Circuit Rd
70231 Opp Mattar Stn Exit B DT25 Mattar Rd
70241 Aft Grace Baptist Ch Mattar Rd
70021 Opp Canossa Catholic Pr Aljunied Rd
70031 Opp Aljunied Pk Aljunied Rd
70119 Cencon Bldg MacPherson Rd
70109 Gulab Bldg MacPherson Rd
60219 Bef Siemens Ctr MacPherson Rd
60179 MOM Svcs Ctr Bendemeer Rd
60159 Blk 54 Bendemeer Rd
60139 Blk 44 Bendemeer Rd
60119 Opp Boon Keng Stn NE9 Bendemeer Rd
60099 Bef Lavender St Bendemeer Rd
07329 Hoa Nam Bldg Jln Besar
07319 Aft Allenby Rd Jln Besar
07419 Opp Veerasamy Rd Jln Besar
07531 Rochor Stn DT13 Rochor Canal Rd
40011 Little India Stn Exit A NE7DT12 Bt Timah Rd
Route Overview
Route WAB_logo_20px Bedok Bus Interchange → Bukit Timah Road (Little India Stn Exit A)
Passes Through Bedok Reservoir Rd, Ubi Ave 2, Circuit Rd, Bendemeer Rd
Route Length 15.9 km
Travelling Time 64 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bulim Bus Package
Former Operator Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd
(Tower Transit Singapore)
Former Depot Bulim Bus Depot
Former Fleet 12-metre Single Deck Bus:
Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Operating Hours
Departure Times from Bedok
Sundays / Public Holidays
18:15 – 18:34
Fare Information
Fare Charges regular distance fares

Short Trip Service 66A was a trunk service operating from Bedok Bus Interchange and ended at Bukit Timah Road (Little India Stn Exit A) on Sundays and Public Holidays. It was a Short-Trip Service variant of Bus Service 66.

The route operates only on Sundays and Public Holidays, and supplements the high demand for Bus Service 66 from the Eastern regions to Jalan Besar and Little India.

Departure Timings
  • From Bedok Interchange:
    Sundays / Public Holidays: 18:15 & 18:34
MRT Stations Served:



Poster Gallery:
Gallery (SBS Transit):

Operator History:
  • 2000 – 2001: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 2001 – 11 Jun 2016: SBS Transit Ltd
  • 12 Jun 2016 – 28 May 2021: Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd
  • 2000: Introduced as a short-trip service from Bedok Int to Bt Timah Rd (Opp Tekka Ctr) on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • 2001: Serves new bus stop opposite Blk 761 along Bedok North Ave 3
  • 2002: Serves new bus stop between Blks 731 and 734 along Bedok Reservoir Rd
  • 2006: Skips abolished bus stop opposite Bedok Green Sec Sch along Bedok North Ave 3
  • 2009 (22 Nov): Serves new bus stop outside MacPherson Stn along Circuit Link
  • 2011 (26 Jun): Amended to ply Lor Bengkok with the closure of Circuit Link to facilitate the construction of MacPherson MRT station on the Downtown MRT Line
  • 2011 (19 Nov): Amended to Bedok Temp Int
  • 2012 (26 Mar): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus service (WAB)
  • 2014 (30 Nov): Amended to Bedok Integrated Transport Hub
  • 2016 (12 Jun): Operations transferred to Tower Transit Singapore
  • 2016 (16 Oct): Amended to ply the reinstated Circuit Link, skipping Lor Bengkok
  • 2017 (12 Feb): Serves new bus stop before Ubi Rd 3 along Ubi Ave 2
  • 2021 (29 May): Withdrawn with the end of the Bulim Bus Package first tendered package term (PT200)

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