Mattar MRT Station

玛达 | மாத்தார்
Mattar MRT Station - Exit B
Mattar MRT Station – Exit B
Address 60 Merpati Road, Singapore 379314
Lines Served   Downtown Line
Operator SBS Transit
Structure Underground
Platform Island
Opened 21 Oct 2017

Mattar MRT Station (DT25) is an underground station along the Downtown Line (DTL) Stage 3. It is built near the junction of Merpati Road and Mattar Road, and serves nearby schools, institutions and private housing estates, along with HDB flats near Circuit Road.

The station takes its name from the nearby Mattar Road and is located within the MacPherson planning subzone. Merpati Road is expected to be re-aligned in the future to pass right over the station.

The station is built in close proximity to Canossa Convent Primary School, MacPherson Primary School, and both HDB and private housing estates.

First / Last Train Timings

Downtown Line – (DT25) Mattar
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
DT1 Bukit Panjang 5:58am 6:16am 12:02am
DT35 Expo 6:01am 6:21am 12:21am

Station Layout

L1 Street level Bus stops, Taxi stand, Pick-up/drop-off point
B2 Concourse Faregates, Top Up Kiosks, Passenger Service Centre, Retail Shops
B3 Staff Service Corridor
B4 Platform A Downtown Line towards DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang
Platform B Downtown Line towards DT35CG1 Expo


Downtown Line (B4):
Platform A: Downtown Line towards DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang via DT24 Geylang Bahru (→)
Platform B: Downtown Line towards DT35CG1 Expo via DT26CC10 MacPherson (←)

Mattar station has two platforms in an island platform arrangement, with both platforms utilized for trains travelling in either direction.

Hidden from the platform, a pair of cripple sidings are located parallel to the running tracks, separated by a concrete wall.


The station concourse is located at Basement 2.

Mattar MRT Station - Art In Transit 'Agar Panel'
Mattar MRT Station – Art In Transit ‘Agar Panel’

Art in Transit: “Agar Panel” by Genevieve Chua

The religious landscape on Mattar road is deeply ingrained in the area. The idea of incense in the artwork serves to depict a spiritual place that is made up of tiny drifting fragments of historical events accumulating and dispersing. Also known as gaharu, jinks or oud, agarwood is a unique and rare type of incense formed by a beetle feeding on resin at root of the Agar tree. This interaction between insect and tree can take up to thirty years, inducing a complex blend of peculiar colour and exquisite scent; when ignited for healing, protection and mediation. Here, a cluster of agarwood shavings is transformed into a nebula, or cosmic landscape, reminiscent of the Arab community past and present.

Station Amenities

  • Public Toilets at DTL concourse
  • Retail Shop at DTL concourse
  • ATM


Mattar MRT station has two exits at ground level, all of which provide barrier-free accessibility.

Exit Location Nearby
A Merpati Road Canossa Convent, Canossa Catholic Primary School, Canossaville Children’s Home, Canossian School
B Mattar Road Andrew & Grace Home, Church of Saint Stephen, Circuit Road Food Centre, Darul Ihsan Orphanage, Grace Baptist Church, Home United Youth Football Academy, MacPherson Primary School, Masjid Sallim Mattar


Transport Connections

Mattar station connects to two bus stops in the vicinity, as well as taxi stands and passenger pick-up points.


There are two official bus stops linked to Mattar station.

No. Bus stop Exit Bus Routes
B/s 1 70161 – Merpati Road (Opp Mattar Stn Exit A) A 40, 61, 63, 65, 135, 154, 155, 158
B/s 2 70231 – Mattar Road (Opp Mattar Stn Exit B) B 40, 61, 63, 63A, 65, 135, 154, 155, 158


Pick Up / Drop Off Point at Mattar MRT Station
Pick Up / Drop Off Point at Mattar MRT Station

Taxi stands and pick-up/drop-off points are located next to the following station exits:

Exit Road Provisions
A Merpati Road Taxi stand (I33), Pick-up/drop-off point
B Mattar Road Taxi stand (I34), Pick-up/drop-off point

MRT Bus Bridging Service

In the event of a MRT service disruption affecting Mattar station, MRT Bridging Buses may be activated to ply affected stretches of the Downtown Line. In which case, the buses can be boarded from the following bus stops:

Towards Bus stop Exit
Downtown Line (DTL Bridging Bus)
DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang B/s 2: 70231 – Mattar Road (Opp Mattar Stn Exit B) B
DT35CG1 Expo B/s 1: 70161 – Merpati Road (Opp Mattar Stn Exit A) A

In addition, passengers can board free regular bus services at Bus Stops 1 & 2 when activated.

Future Developments

With the realignment to Merpati Road by end-2026, bus stop 70161, the taxi stand and pick up drop off point at Exit A will be moved and replaced.

Passenger Usage Patterns

As a Central region station serving the schools, institutions and residential estates, Mattar station encounters low to moderate demand levels across the day.


Downtown Line Stage 3 (DTL3) Contract 932 for the construction and completion of Mattar Station and its associated tunnels was awarded to Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd for approximately S$199.85 million in April 2011.


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